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IT executives are always concerned with the outcomes of projects and what they can do to ensure their success in this enterprise world.  SharePoint deployment failure will be the biggest concern for companies looking to derive full benefits from the capabilities and features of SharePoint. Here are the top 5 reasons that your SharePoint implementation may fail:

1. Lack of Pre-planning

Lack of vision & support from the management is one of the major reasons for SharePoint deployment failures. Most people believe that SharePoint is a simple ready-to-go solution, which is not true. If there is not a proper plan and understanding of SharePoint then the implementation will fail.

2. Lack of a Change Management Strategy

Some companies don’t have a change management strategy and assume that everything would be easily migrated once the implementation is completed, which is not the case. Switching to a new platform may be unsettling to users and this may cause some friction in acceptance of SharePoint.

3. Neglecting the Customizable Features

SharePoint provides many customizable features for various vertical needs which are often ignored or used incorrectly by businesses. The program’s ability to integrate with external systems further complicates its use, particularly if a company’s goals and requirements are not clearly defined. Businesses that fail to customize SharePoint to perfectly meet their needs are more likely to experience a failure and also cost a lot.

4. Budget Underestimation

It is hard to estimate the spending on SharePoint implementation since the basic deployment of SharePoint is not sufficient, and integrations are required to fill in the gaps in SharePoint functionality. Companies forgetting these often underestimate the cost of a SharePoint project, which may cause implementation failure.

5. Lack of IT Resources

Dedicated IT resources are a vital component for a successful deployment. Companies fail in deployment because they lack IT resources, including data administration, storage, infrastructure and security.

Companies should not start the SharePoint implementation cycle without a proper understanding of how their business and infrastructure requirements align with the platform’s capabilities. This doesn't bring ROI and a solution intended to streamline work becomes an obstacle. Here is a checklist to avoid failure and make SharePoint implementation successful.

It’s sure you may need a SharePoint expert to design, build, maintain and support SharePoint for your organization. As an accomplished SharePoint consultant across the world, Veelead SharePoint experts helped many organizations. 


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