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Maarten : I wanted to create a well-functioning company and work 40 hours a week myself. At first I was skeptical when Sabine said it was possible. The facts prove her right.

Nik : I needed a sounding board, someone who could give me insight into my actions and thinking as an entrepreneur.

Frank : I wanted to learn and get ideas and feedback on my way of doing business. In addition, it is important to test my business with others.

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What do you think business coaching actually delivers?

  • For your company?

Maarten : Turnover growth without working harder. Thanks to the external sounding board and stick-behind-the-door principle, steps are continuously taken towards the ideal situation. It makes a very big difference. Otherwise I would still be working according to the hourly invoice principle. This makes a huge difference in terms of work-life balance and profitability.

Nik : A better organization, clearer choices about where you want to go and more peace

Frank : A much better return.

  • For yourself?

Maarten : Rest, less stress. Thanks to the business coaching, I was confident that the desired results would come. I will continue to do business coaching. Never change a winning plan! It ensures that steps are taken faster in my company, otherwise before I know it I will be working more ‘in' my company, instead of ‘on' my company.

Nik : Peace of mind and confidence.

Frank : Better insights and ideas.

  • For your environment?

Maarten : It is also nice for them that I am calmer. In the evening I am more relaxed. No more evening or weekend work. Nothing worse than being at home, but being at work with your mind.

Nik : By showing more ‘leadership', it is easier to involve people in your story

Frank : It is an enrichment for my environment and also for myself.

What is different about Sabine's Business Coaching?

Maarten : That it works and that with a minimum of time investment. There are programs where, for example, you receive 2 days of non-stop coaching. It works better to spend 2 hours every month for a longer period of time. No American empty words with Sabine! She doesn't use words you hear from all those marketing gurus. Talking to Sabine for 15 or 30 minutes is enough to see where the bottleneck is and then I can get to work. Small steps ensure that my company takes a giant step forward in 6 months.

Nik : Sabine goes beyond theory. She is a healer who clearly confronts you with your own actions and thoughts. She inspires and motivates you to act on acquired insights. Very specific and step by step.

Frank : Due to the short follow-up you actually proceed to the implementation of your ideas. Sabine brings structure and discipline to my business.

What is a daily habit that leads to success?

Maarten : Being a “CEO” above your company, so that you keep the overview. With every task, no matter how small, I ask myself: should I do it myself? Only what I am the expert in and like to do, I do myself. Everything else, I'll let others do.

Nik : Work more systematically and don't postpone decisions.

Frank : Thinking one moment a week for the week ahead and the discipline to execute it.

What do you think is crucial to growing your business?

Maarten: Making time to work on your company: marketing, taking the time to work on your strategy and service package, internal organization, leadership,…

Nik : In my case that is finding a balance between perfectionism and letting go.

Frank : You need discipline. And also listening to others: colleagues, other entrepreneurs, my coach,..and doing, executing, trial and error and always adjusting.

What is your number 1 book or film that every entrepreneur must read / see?

Maarten: De Stanford speech van Steve Jobs. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish!” “Connect the dots”

Nik : “The Seven Habits of Effective Leadership” by Stephen Covey. The book provides tools for self-development in a ‘structured' way.

Frank : Het boek van Roger Moyson: “Managing your time and your stress – For a new humanism”

What dream do you still cherish?

Maarten : I want to make myself even more indispensable in my company. I'm a dad and would never forgive me later if I said: I built a great business, but didn't see my children grow up.

Nik : To be able to speak at the International Fundraising Congress someday.

Frank : Keep on dreaming. Willem Elschot: “The dream disappears when it becomes reality.”

Thank you gentlemen for your valuable insights and contribution!

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