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Most cats behave depending on their surroundings or current environment. In addition, some felines behave based on their genetic compositions which may affect their capacity to do things. Cats are naturally wild animals accustomed to life outdoors. This case is probably one of the reasons why these animals love to scratch. They need to keep their muscles strong and flexible and their nails or claws sharp. Life in the outdoors is overwhelming because of the risk factors.

Are there other reasons why cats scratch? Some of them are enumerated below:

  • Scratching exercises cats’ muscles and spine. Doing this strengthens the cats’ ability to hunt successfully.
  • Scratching serves as a marking behavior or territorial communication in cats. When these animals scratch, they release an unusual smell from their scent and sweat glands.

If you keep your cat indoors, ensure to give her the opportunity to scratch by allowing her to go out once in a while or by installing a scratching post in your home.

A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should warrant a visit to your veterinarians Apple Valley, MN.


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