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Why Do Corporates Need Explainer Videos?

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An explainer video is a short video that businesses use to let themselves be known, to let customers know what they do, and to send a message across quickly like “buy me!”

The mobile and social end of the internet teems with visual content and a good explainer video will stand out from all the static in there and give the viewer a breath of fresh air, much like infographics on steroids. Fun! While in previous articles we tackled what explainer videos can do for your sales, video marketing can also be used internally to get ideas that would otherwise be difficult to explain across your entire company.

Video is the “it” way to send a message nowadays. People are so familiar with it that it always catches their attention for a few seconds until their brains tell them if it is relevant or not. In a company setting, it is almost always a stressful environment and it is easy for employee cohesiveness to degrade and a project to scatter all over the place in a critical situation. You need to have your staff have just as much if not more faith in you as your customers do. This is where internal marketing, and explainer videos comes in.

A Corporate Explainer Video is a means of expressing a new product, process, or idea in video form to achieve goals by driving home something you need your employees to do. This is always done on an internal setting as this contains intellectual property, jargon, and processes your staff will use to further the company’s interests. These can also be password protected and shown to select members of your organization as the situation warrants it. In short, this is one of the best tools you can have in expanding your business from the inside out.

In today’s age of globalization, it is common for companies to have multiple locations worldwide or even outsource certain departments to cut on costs.

Many ethnicities, cultures, religions, and creeds come together to find work and a very common problem is miscommunication. When projects are spread to staff members on different time zones, or if many people in different locations handle the same project this becomes very evident. Companies can use these animated explainer videos to avoid this altogether by putting ideas in a format that everyone can understand and be on the same page on.

Its also very easy to touch op on lessons by going back on the videos and watching them again. You can use it for HR orientation, training material, company updates, and so much more.

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