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Your hesitation to update the WordPress website is well understood. People always worry about not knowing how to fix the site. And out of legitimate fear, WordPress website owners don’t update it. However, not updating the website isn’t a good thing. Rather than ignoring updates, try to learn what they are and how you can prevent yourself from going wrong about it. Also, better if you learn how to fix it. 

Why should you update your WordPress?

There are a number of reasons why you should be updating WordPress. Let’s take a look at them: 

  1. Security

The security of your website is one of the most important reasons to keep up with the updates. Its popularity is one of the reasons why WordPress is a target for data thieves, malicious code distributors, and hackers. Since it is open-source, any knowledgeable person could study the code and learn how to improve it. 

This doesn’t mean that only bad hackers study the code, but the good ones too. Good hacks usually report security fixes or bugs. All the vulnerabilities are worked upon by the core WordPress team and a new update is released. Simply put, updating WordPress is critical because otherwise, you will run an older version. Hackers not only keep an eye on the older version of your WordPress but also Plugins. 

  1. New features 

WordPress releases come with new features and other major changes in the software. If you’re using an older version of WordPress, then your experience is bound to be different than the ones using the latest. In this case, you are expected to without hesitantly install the latest versions as working with it makes the job difficult for the hackers. 

  1. Ensures speed 

WordPress developers are always working to offer the audience and users ‘speed’. Each of these improvements is released to boost performance and to make WordPress run faster. 

Speed is also an important SEO factor without which your WordPress site is of no use. Now can you understand why keeping it updated is necessary? 

  1. Bug fixing 

Despite release testing and everything, WordPress bugs may slip through. That’s why WordPress releases happen even with minor bug fixes. Even experts advise that these WordPress updates are necessary for any user, else, you will be unable to receive any help. 

  1. Compatibility

These updates offer greater compatibility. Also, you’re at the advantage of using new improvements, and features.  In some cases, updates can also break existing WordPress plugins if they don’t follow coding standards or best practices. 

How will I know when a WordPress update is needed?

Lucky you, WordPress comes with a built-in alert system that automatically lets you know when your installations get outdated. Thus, all you have to do is pay attention to these alerts. You won’t see the alerts if you don’t regularly log in to your website. 

As per recommendation, you should log in to the site at least once a month. So, whenever a new version gets updated, you’ll clearly see the message on the top of the wp-admin dashboard and also on the sidebar. 

Still scared if you’ll break your WordPress site? 

It is okay if you still fear because clearly, you need to know more before updating WordPress for yourself. This means you need an expert by your side. Or else, you can give someone the responsibility to take up WordPress management services.

Foursixtyfive media is the dynamic partner you need to perform all those complicated tasks. Our team of professionals offers regular and proper maintenance of your WordPress website. Want to know what our WordPress management services include? Visit our website to know. 

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