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There are hundreds of goldfish, and single-tailed goldfish are the type of goldfish that have slender bodies without extensive modifications. The colour tends to vary the most, and a long flowing tail in some goldfish breeds. Common types of goldfish are orange, yellow etc.

A goldfish has an elongated body and a short single tail. They tend to grow larger, and 10 inches is standard if the conditions are right.

The best fancy goldfish in Austin have enticed many people. Another type of single-tailed goldfish is the comet goldfish, and the main difference between standard and comet is the tail.

 A comet goldfish is a long-fin goldfish and it looks like a lace gown, and it is a decorative sight when viewed from above in the pond. Shubunkin is another type of goldfish identical to the comet goldfish in accordance with its calico pattern. This type of goldfish species has a spotted pattern which comes in a range of colours such as blue, white, black and orange. The finance help shubunkins stand apart. Bristol Shubunkin is the type which has a heart-shaped tail.

A Wakin goldfish is an unusual pet, and it looks half fancy and half non-fancy. It has a double tail and an elongated body. It is usually kept as a pond fish.

A fantail goldfish is the most common type of goldfish out there. They have the standard fancy goldfish egg shape, fun and a long tail. This goldfish is a European version of the Ryukin goldfish. If one is looking out for a fancy goldfish, one can keep this one.

The pear scale goldfish is one of the fanciest varieties of goldfish. It is reminiscent of a golf ball and is selectively bred for a round body.

A bubble-eye goldfish have been bred to display the water-filled sacs under its eyes, and the sacs grow as the fish does.

The Ranchu goldfish for sale is currently in huge demand. It is a hooded variety of goldfish native to China. This fish is referred to as the ‘King of Goldfish’. The Ranchu is a member of Japanese development of the lion head, and they are a direct outcome of the crossbreeding experiments with the Chinese Lionhead specimens.

They have egg-shaped bodies and deep bellies between 5/8 to the ¾ of the length of the fish.

The breeding standards require that the goldfish's back should not have any vestiges of the dorsal fin on it. Thus, many people keep Ranchu goldfish for sale owing to their huge demand.


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