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Like every other thing, we all differ in the choice when it comes to choosing a nice jewelry piece. Some of us love going after the sophisticated and elegant patterns that are available in minimalist design forms while others choose the more intricate ones.
However, there exist few exceptions that allure anyone, equally! The gripping labradorite silver jewelry is one such example. The labradorite silver gemstone jewelry range features stunning styles that enhance anyone’s personality.
Be it the eye-catching long earrings in the latest design or the fine pendants that make you the center of attraction at any event, the beautiful sterling silver jewelry in labradorite gemstone gives you a ravishing look.
About the Labradorite Gemstone
The gemstone first appeared in Labrador in Canada and therefore, it has rightly been named Labradorite after its place of occurrence. Today, the gemstone is mined from various places across the world including Italy, Greenland, the USA, Madagascar Finland, and Russia.
Hailing from the feldspar mineral family, the fascinating gem is found in shades like pale green, yellow, grey, white, blue, purple, and brown shades. However, the most interesting and unique fact about this gemstone is its quality of labradorescence.
It is worth mentioning that this phenomenon is an exception that appears beneath the different layers of gemstone wherein the light gets trapped and reflects under the surface of labradorite giving multiple colors to the stone.
Apart from the hypnotic labradorescence effect, the gemstone is loved by different people for different reasons. Some of the popular reasons for which this gemstone is revered across the world are mentioned below. Check them right away!
Labradorite lets you understand your inner self
In a quest to discover who we are we do various things. From self-analysis to meditation and in-depth spiritual studies, we follow various paths so that we know who we actually are!
In your journey to discover your inner conscience and being, the labradorite serves as a wonderful companion. It opens up doors of knowledge before you and helps you understand your inner feelings and thoughts.
The stone is known for providing lucidity in thoughts, thus, saving you from any chaotic opinions. A clear thought process contributes to enhancing self-awareness.
The magical stone heals you on all levels
Do you know what is the most important property of this gemstone that attracts numerous people to it? Well, this magical stone is known worldwide for its amazing healing properties. It is said that by wearing labradorite silver jewelry one can find great healing results on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.
• Spiritual help & healing
By providing deep meditation, better focus, and enlightenment on the inner-self, the gemstone lets you walk smoothly on the path of spirituality.
• Help & healing physical issues
It is an amazing gemstone for treating many physical illnesses. Labradorite ring offers healing and recovery in various types of body pains. It is believed to bring positive and relaxing results for patients with arthritis.
The stone has also been found helpful in treating colds as well as other infections related to the respiration system and chest. In case, you are looking for a gemstone that helps enhance your immunity power and improve the metabolism of your body, labradorite can be of utter help.
• Help & healing emotional issues
Emotional shocks can ruin anyone’s life. Therefore, it is essential to combat them in the right way. By wearing silver labradorite jewelry one can find significant help in overcoming emotional trauma.
The gemstone is popular for its capability of inducing calmness in its wearer. Letting your mind find a peaceful state and reducing the anxiety and stress levels, the labradorite gemstone is indeed the one that can be trusted for providing help in tackling emotional damages.
The stone of transformation that lets you rediscover yourself
Another good reason why people love this gemstone is its beautiful property of transforming its wearer! Yes! The stone is popularly known as the Stone of Magic or the Stone of Transformation because it transforms its wearer and helps him or her to become a better version of oneself!
It is strongly believed that the gem absorbs the negative vibes, thoughts, and feelings and converts the same into positive ones. Changing the negative, angry and harsh behavior of a person into a positive, calm, and kind nature, the labradorite gemstone definitely lets us become better human beings!
It improves creativity, imagination, and self-confidence
There is one more important reason to love this beautiful gemstone called labradorite. It is known to stimulate and improve the creativity of its wearer. Giving a new perspective for imagination and augmenting the level of confidence, the gem guides its wearer to think in a fresh and innovative way.
Labradorite invites good luck, money & success
Do you know the gemstone is also known as the Gemstone of Luck? It is strongly believed that the gem instills better decision-making power in its wearer. Especially, in financial matters, it lets one take the right decision and forbids the wearer from taking any wrong decision.
It also strengthens the power of intuition so that you can pick up what is best for you! The right and timely decisions in financial matters help you attain wealth as well as success, thus, changing your luck into a good one!
Last but not least – The magnetic beauty of labradorite
While there are many more other healing properties and benefits that make Labradorite famous, we have mentioned the most significant ones above! The different healing benefits appeal to different people according to their needs.
Apart from the effective healing attributes, the dominating beauty of this stone remains on the top and makes for one of the most common reasons to fall in love with this enchanting gem called Labradorite. With a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, the gem offers good durability and toughness.
It can be softer than other gems but it still offers the hardness level that is good for jewelry-making purposes.
The labradorite silver jewelry collection offers a wide array of magnetic designs that give you a stunning look and unique appearance. Shop for your favorite labradorite silver gemstone jewelry, and loose labradorite gemstones today, and other collection like amethyst, herkimer diamond jewelry to get ready for the better version of yourself!
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