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Our desires will never leave us. We can try to leave them, yet they will be relentless MelaLuna Sleep Review  in our hearts. This, I believe, is one of the greatest gifts of love from the Universe. How cool is that?So, can you truly give abundantly when you block the flow coming back? If you refuse to receive, your resources will dwindle away. Fortunately, Mother Nature loves you so much that your desires will keep bubbling up. Have you ever had feelings of jealousy and envy for others who have what you want.

 I ask you to consider that when you feel this pain, perhaps your desires are having a little tantrum. Instead of getting caught in the drift of jealousy or envy, remember that it is you who is blocking your good. You can have what you want. Allowing abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life is a choice that I urge you to make!

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