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Why Do Puppies Chew?

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Puppy Biting: What's Normal, What's Not, and How to Curb It

Animals such as puppies tend to chew on different things primarily as a way for them to explore the things around them. Because they do not have hands that they can use to hold onto objects, they use their mouths instead. This is the reason why most pet owners provide soft toys for their puppies to nibble on.

According to experts, chewing is one of the most basic forms of exercise that a puppy can do. Chewing helps exercise his jaw and strengthen the muscles in his face and mouth area. Sometimes, chewing is also a way for puppies to release any anxiety or tension that he feels.

Unfortunately, because puppies could not distinguish which items in the household should be off limits for him, he sometimes chews on newspapers, remote control, shoes, slippers, furniture, etc. When your puppy's chewing behavior becomes destructive, then you should find time to train him on how to stop the unwanted behavior.

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