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While most people wear dark lenses to protect themselves from the bright glare of our nearest star, others wear them for reasons other than sun protection. Indoors, it is fairly uncommon to see people wearing sunglasses. While celebrities are the ones that use sunglasses indoors the most, many other average people purchase sunglasses online in Sri Lanka, quite similar to those of celebrities for purely aesthetic purposes. So, what's the deal with this bad habit?

The majority of the people who wear sunglasses in Sri Lanka prefer to wear them during hot summers, where the light intensity is too harsh for one’s eyes. For those who wear them indoors, it is probably because of many reasons, one being to disguise their identity. Sunglasses frequently conceal the shape or color of a person's eyes. Larger styles can also cover a larger portion of the face.

Another reason to wear sunglasses indoors is to conceal a facial or ocular abnormality. For whatever reason, some people may have a black eye and do not want to display it to others.

The vast majority of people who wear sunglasses indoors believe that it gives them a distinct, fashionable, or attractive appearance. Many department stores provide sunglasses in a variety of shapes and hues that appeal to those seeking a sensual and trendy appearance.

Light causes discomfort in the head or eye in certain people who have medical or psychological disorders. Others dislike bright lights but do not experience any discomfort. Photophobia is a term used to describe both of these situations, where there are a number of reasons, such as dry eyes or brain injury, why some people have sensitivity to bright light, hence the use of sunglasses indoors.

Indoors, wearing sunglasses isn't a big deal. We live in a world where everyone has their own preferences and dislikes. While we may make snide remarks about people who wear sunglasses indoors, there is no denying that they appear cool, attractive, and mysterious.


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