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Why Do We Get Scared But Still Play Horror Games?

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Horror games, particularly pure horror, are becoming increasingly popular, attracting players in search of new experiences. There is a common question about why we get scared but still play horror games. Read on and let us answer in this article.

Game: the type of entertainment making the horror peak

In fact, horror games provide a level of fear that is unrivaled by any other form of entertainment. While horror movies only allow viewers to experience visual and auditory experiences, horror games allow the audience to choose and influence events.

Going back to horror games, what makes these games different is that the player has the complete right to decide or change the situations that take place. In a word, in addition to running away from horror characters, players can hide from their sight such as hiding under the bed or hiding in the closet to wait for the time to escape. As a result, the horror of playing the game is amplified when the player decides the fate of his character on the other side of the screen.

Why do we get scared but still play horror games?

According to some scientific studies, the fact that gamers find horror games appealing is because the world around us is inherently too safe. The more they experienced scares or narrow escapes from blood-stained supernatural forces, the more relaxed their sense of security and relief became.

Others agree that when people dare to go through the most terrifying challenges, they will feel more confident in front of others. The sense of competition and conquest, of rising above those who do not dare to do so, is extremely stimulating for any gamer or even fan of extreme sports.

Horror games are born to satisfy all gamers.

Absolutely not because of the fact that too many players can't stand the stressful atmosphere that these genre games bring. Different levels of pressure tolerance and different tastes in entertainment make horror games unpopular with a large number of gamers. However, the horror game experience is becoming more popular, with many successful titles based on the ideas of monsters, ghosts, death, backrooms, or pursuit.

Why should we play horror games?

However, in fact, horror survival games are very good for your health. It is said to be a good choice for you to train your composure and bravery to cope with factual fears.

Horror games keep us calm.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that when we watch scary movies, our brains release chemicals that enhance our enjoyment of the experience. These chemicals help us feel less anxious and more excited. You can mentally train yourself to react more positively to your fears by watching a lot of horror movies, which can help you stay calm in a variety of situations where you need to act quickly. Keeping one's composure is a skill that will serve one well in all aspects of life.

In addition, playing a horror game forces you to face it yourself and find a way out of your own fear. The fear level being induced by games is significantly higher than the level of fear that can be induced by simply watching a movie. Your endurance will improve as a result, even in potentially “startling” circumstances.  

If you play horror games as if they are your favorite ones and do it regularly, you will notice that things are not as scary as they used to be. If you have a higher threshold for fear, you will be better able to maintain your composure even in extremely trying circumstances.

Horror games help improve mood.

In a study conducted with both men and women, experts found that horror movies activate white blood cells, which in turn can strengthen the immune system. Additionally, as you play horror games, the suspense level increases and stressful situations come up more densely. Thus, the immune system is also notably improved.

Many of you may think that prolonged stress is extremely bad for your health and will lead to depression. This is absolutely correct. However, As you play horror survival games, the body will automatically create short bursts of stress, which gives a big benefit for your health. In addition, the stored energy in the body is activated, allowing you to be ready to fight back. Since then, the immune system has also become much stronger.

In addition, those short bursts of stress that you get from horror games also significantly improve your mood. However, these benefits only come into work when you really want to play the horror game, but not force yourself to do it.

Horror games help us psychologically overcome certain fears.

Despite the fact, everyone has their own fears and the things created in horror games may not scare all people. But the variety of horror games today gives players many options. You can choose an appropriate game and let it help you fight those fears. Unlike watching horror movies, you can close your eyes and wait for the fear to pass. Instead, you have to face your fear directly and find a way to overcome it.


Finally, after a while of practicing with the horror game, it will assist you in drawing parallels between the fantasy world and the real world. When you reach a point in the game where you are no longer afraid, those fears no longer present a problem in real life. In some parts of the world, this therapy is also combined with virtual reality technology to help people get over their fears, even the most severe ones.

Even though they find them terrifying, a large number of players continue to enjoy playing horror games for a variety of reasons, including those mentioned above. In the coming years, both horror as a whole and pure horror as a subgenre will remain strong in the rankings of the most popular games played all over the world.

Do you have any options for yourself? Overcome your fears with a suitable horror game. If it's too difficult to play alone, do it with your friends.



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