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Do you have a place of business? Whether you have a shop, restaurant, grocery mart, and more, you can benefit from having an ATM installed. Here are reasons why many businesses do this and why you should consider giving it a try, too.

Improves Foot Traffic

You’ll find plenty of foot traffic from customers who regularly use the cash machine on a weekly or day-to-day version. If you’ve been thinking about ways to encourage and draw more customers to your business, an ATM helps. People who look for ATMs and find one at your establishment won’t need to take more than a few steps to proceed and check out what your business is about. If you want more customers, let an ATM increase the foot traffic to the unit and your business.

Draws More Customers

Many shops and places of business use promos and offer to get people to pay a visit to their establishments. But another way to keep a steady number of visitors to your shop, grocery shop, or even restaurant is to have an ATM installed. That will get you more customers that you can convert into clients. While they might be there to check out the ATM first, if you’ve got excellent marketing, they should be curious enough to check out your products or services. That can impact your revenue and sales positively.

Encourage Cash

Credit card processing fees cut into your profit. Even if the amount is small, when you think about how many credit card payment transactions you or your staff will process in just a day, that should still amount to a lot of cash. By having an ATM at your place of business, you can encourage shoppers to withdraw money first before they shop or browse through your store for anything they like. With cash payments, you won’t have to worry about covering processing fees.

Increases Sales

In some cases, cash is the only viable option. By adding an ATM to your business, you can provide your customers with variouspayment options. Those who want to pay in cashcan head over to the unit and withdraw the amount they need. For those who want to pay with credit cards, your counter should be able to process those payments. With an on-site ATM, you give more options to your customers. That helps increase your sales. Because they can choose the payment method that they are comfortable with, you encourage more usage.

Earn Rebates

There are rebates that you can earn through ATM transactions. That could lead to additional sales. If you want to increase your profits, having an ATM installed and put at a convenient location near the entrance of your shop or anywhere closer to the door can add to your earning capacity for those rebates.

Prevents Problems

Someone might pay you a bad check. Encourage them to use the ATM instead. That's one way to avoid any of the hassle of processing checks, verifying them, and more. With an ATM right on-site, they’re much more likely to shop or try out your restaurant after withdrawing money.



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