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You’re sitting in your room reading a book and suddenly the light bulb explodes — the scene seems to be out of a horror movie, but it is an everyday story of many households! So, do you face such a situation very frequently to doubt if your house is haunted? Well, on an average, a good quality light bulb should last for six to eight months once installed. But if the explosion or burning of the bulb happens too frequently, then there’s certainly something very wrong here. (And no, we don’t mean that there’s a ghost in the house by any chance!)

The Very Practical and Real Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Give Up So Frequently!

Burning of a bulb every now and then is crazy. But if it explodes too, then obviously the issue becomes bigger. And we suggest if you witness such an issue very frequently, do bank on emergency electrical service of Oakley Electrical Contractors! They’ll immediately come for your help and look into the matter to find its best solution for you. And if you want to know the probable reasons behind these issues, you can just check the ones listed below:

  • Bad light bulb socket — If the socket is having loose wire or any issue in the connection or it’s just not working properly by any chance, then even your light bulb gives out too soon.  These problems in the socket make the bulb get heated faster and your bulb burns or explodes because of it.
  • Bulb wattage mismatched to the fixture — This is a pretty common and the most probable reason behind your bulb giving away quickly before its time. The bulb you put in the fixture is of more power than it can hold. This obviously creates pressure on the bulb, and it gets burnt or simply blasts.
  • No insulation at the base of the bulb — Some manufacturers don't provide insulation at the base of the bulb. This causes the metal under the bulb to melt away easily and leak some gas. The leaking gas pressurises and creates an imbalance that results in the light bulb exploding.
  • Loosely connected to the socket — Most of the time, you don’t even notice that your bulb is loosely connected to the socket. This loose connection leads to jumping of the electrical connection across the bulb rather than going through it. This makes the bulb heated and it burns and later explodes suddenly.
  • Bad quality of the bulb — If you are opting for less expensive bulbs without checking their quality, then you’ll face this issue of your bulb burning too often.

There are experts who also suggest electric bulbs do burn out due to the excessive fixture vibration, the body oil that comes in contact with the bulb, short circuits, etc. But remember, all these issues aren’t safe and shouldn’t be happening in your house. An electrician is the first person you should connect with when any such thing happens.



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