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Do you also think why your phone hang! Here are the reasons and hack for you.

Hey Folks, you buy a mobile from any good company, but after a while phone starts hanging. There are many reasons for mobile hang. Now with a little care, you can protect the mobile from hanging. If the mobile hangs for a long time, the life of the mobile is reduced. Today we will know about the reason for the mobile hang and its remedy.

Reasons for hanging problem in phone

Mobile has a lot of apps. The mobile hang occurs when you run the app simultaneously on mobile.

If your mobile has less RAM, it will open slowly or get stuck for a while when you open a game or app. The mobile hang occurs in this condition also.

You may be using the Internet. But if you download and store all your Internet data in your mobile's internal storage, your mobile will slow down. It can also lead to hang. So, try to store on external storage, and use a Class 10 memory card, which will let the memory access faster in the phone.

If you don't delete the cache file on the Internet website, your mobile will slow down and hang up.

If you install more apps than you need on your mobile, your mobile will slow down and hang, try to declutter the phone also in a month or a week like your space.

If your mobile specifications are not much and you install apps and games with big GB, the mobile slows down and hangs. Use lite apps for low or medium-specification phones.

Even if a virus-like malware enters the mobile, the phone hangs.

Do this, and your phone will never hang again

The first step is to delete all data that is not required in your mobile. Now that you use the Internet all day, its cache data is stored on your phone that you don't know.

For cleaning junk files, you can use cleaner. I recommend Google files which clear the junk files in a better way. If you don’t want to use Google files, then you can find them in the Play Store, here you can select the editor’s choice in the search panel, which can suggest you better apps for the purpose. Free and paid apps will differ in features you can use as per your requirements.

First, go to Settings ➢Apps➢ Manage app. There you will find a lot of apps that are installed on your mobile. Now you have to select the app you don't need one by one. Click on the app, and it will say force stop. Click on it, and the app will stop working.

If this setting varies from phone to phone, you need to search for app management or apps and find the option where you will get the force stop option.

Select the storage of the camera and gallery in your mobile and place it in the SD card so that your memory card is filled so that your mobile is less hanged when the internal storage is empty.

If your mobile has a game or app, check how much data it is storing on the phones. Initially, the apps look lite while downloading, but after installation, the space taken by class files will expand, and the storage gets full easily. If your mobile RAM is less than 2 GB, your mobile should not have such an app or game which is in GB. The heating problem occurs in the phone because of the heavy app.

Don't keep a lot of apps and games open at the same time because even if your mobile processor is weak, your mobile will hang. Use all these apps one by one and turn them off when you use them.

Use your mobile phone in a cool place so that the colder the processor, the faster the processor will be able to process, but not in the fridge at all.

Don’t use live wallpapers. They look good but also require several CPU cycles to run, which ultimately puts stress on the CPU and battery and makes the phone slower and less efficient.

Disable the animations, they are pleasing to the eyes, but the phone requires a lot of resources to make the UI look fluid.

Source  :- https://sofiyaitservices.wordpress.com/2021/06/17/why-does-your-phone-hang-do-this-and-it-will-never-hang-again/


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