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Email finder software is a great tool for helping you improve your open rates (CTR). Email finder software helps you learn how to send emails the right way and when it makes sense to send them. There are also other tools that can help you increase your CTR including keywords, copywriting tips, and scheduling strategies as well. This article discusses these concepts, so keep reading.

Learn how to use a good email finder software.

The email finder application identifies email addresses. It's a good idea to use this tool because it will save you time and avoid making mistakes. You can also easily find contact info. How to use email finder software:

  • Choose a reliable service. If possible, select one that offers free trial periods so that you can test out their service before committing financially or even signing up for long-term contracts with them. After testing various services out, choose one based on its features and pricing structure as well as customer reviews from other users who have used similar services before doing so will ensure that all costs involved during the setup process remain within budgeted limits without having any additional surprises down the road.

Use keywords properly.

How to use keywords? Depends on your business. You need to know what you're doing and why so that you can make sure that your product, service, and industry are targeted correctly.

If you're selling shoes online, then “shoes” is a good keyword because most people will be searching for one of those when they type it into Google or Bing. If instead of shoes we were selling pants, then “pants” would be a better choice since pants are often related by gender or age group as well.

It's also important not only how many times people use each word but also when they do so in relation to other terms. For example, if someone types: “shoe stores,” then there isn't much meaning behind this phrase; however if instead, they typed out “shoestores,” we'd know immediately what kind of store they meant by using both singular AND plural forms together within one sentence and thus giving us enough information about where our potential customers live.

Learn when the best time is to send emails and how often.

You're no doubt familiar with the old adage that “time is money.” And it's true: sending emails at the wrong time of day can mean you miss out on delivering your message and having a higher open rate.

But how do you know when to send an email? The answer is simple: by learning how often people receive an email in your industry, and then send them when they need or want it most. If you know that your customers are primarily on Twitter during morning hours but check their inboxes later in the day, then send an email at 9 AM rather than 8AM. That way, if they're not checking social media at that time and usually aren't you'll have more opportunities to catch them off guard with a new offer or piece of content they might not have seen before.

You can increase your CTR with tools like an email finder.

Using email finder software is a good way to get more people to open your emails (CTR). It’s also an easy way to improve your CTR because most email finder tools provide you with a number of features that will help you track and analyze your campaigns.

Email finder tools can help you:

  • Find out which emails are performing best in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This information will help determine which types of messages work best for certain audiences or industries. For example, if one specific email campaign doesn't perform well for a particular target audience then it might be worth experimenting with another one instead until something catches their attention or vice versa if an email isn't converting well for one target audience then maybe something else would work better.


At the end of the day, email finders are incredibly helpful tools that can help you improve your open rates (CTR). If you’re looking for a way to get more subscribers and reduce unsubscribes, an email finder might be just what you need.


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