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They are cuffed on road signs. Some users create huge galleries on their laptops, stacking them so high that the hinges begin to lose structural integrity and LCD screens fight to keep upright. The digital versions are even more popular, and we get a lot of questions about them.

Yes, these are none other than “Stickers.”

Stickers are everywhere, and they're now in your discussions also. They're a fun way to add a new layer of expression to your discussions, and they're encrypted, private and safe just like every other feature. Stickers are always a good time! They make people feel like kids again, engrossed in colourful and entertaining sticker books.

You might be thinking that “How Stickers will help you?” For this, you can check out our Customised Sticker Package to understand how our team can develop and create digital assets that will propel your business forward. In this post, we’ve mentioned some of the advantages of hiring a Customised Sticker service like us. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

Our Capabilities

Illustration & Design

Our passionate and versatile team of illustrators will help create, conceive, and implement your creative notions as excellent graphics as a leading sticker design service provider. Furthermore, our design process is collaborative and iterative, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

  • Messaging Stickers
  • Visual Sticker Development
  • Sticker Art & Design


As a full-service animation company, we've got the moves. Our animators will treat everything with the highest attention, whether you are searching for some slick smooth animation stickers or some innovative face icons. We interact with our clients at every crucial stage of the process to guarantee that we generate a product that you will enjoy.

  • 2D Sticker Animation
  • 3D Sticker Animation
  • Cel Animation

Digital Publishing

We started as a custom sticker creator and digital publisher for licenced companies. We have established ourselves as the top design firm for the publication and development of bespoke branded stickers. We will help you identify your niche in the mobile messaging sector, all thanks to our excellent contacts with some of the most popular messaging services.

  • Instagram Stickers
  • Facebook Stickers
  • WhatsApp Stickers
  • Custom Branded Sticker & Photo Editing

How we customise your stickers?

WDDUK provides a “One-Stop” Customised Sticker Package to help businesses and individuals create the greatest bespoke die-cut sticky stickers for marketing or personal expression. We make it possible for you!

Any shape:

Customers can use WDDUK's die-cut technology to get any shape of stickers they want. We build stickers that contour to the shape of the image (die-cut) or common shapes like rectangles, squares, and circles.

Any size:

WDDUK can tailor the size of your artwork to your exact specifications. We promise that the product will be cut within 0.1 inches of your parameters, whether it is a simple 4inch x 4inch pattern or a 4.1inch x 3.9inch pattern.

Any quantity:

WDDUK creates unique stickers by combining digital printers/cutters with proprietary technology. This allows you to order quantities as little as 1 and as high as 10,000. We can provide you with a tailored price for larger quantities. The advantage is that you just pay for what you need.

The Benefits of Customised Stickers

Essentially, our customised Stickers aid in two areas: brand awareness and brand loyalty. Stickers are thus unstoppable in organic marketing on all social media platforms. But now, let us delve a little more into its benefits:

Stick to the Corporate Identity when it comes to branding.

When creating a Feed-Post, most people will take care to adhere to Corporate Identity rules and ensure that it fits within the big picture. When someone posts a Story, though, he or she usually does not put as much care into it. Rather, the user takes a photo and uploads it.

While there is nothing wrong with that, keep in mind that by including your branding, you may be able to get a better impact out of your Stories.

Creating your own, customised Stickers is a fantastic Marketing Tool. They allow you to personalise your Stories while also providing the impression that they are part of something larger. Sharing matching Stories over time by using custom Stickers can help consumers better link your Branding with you and your business.

As a result, you will not only have a powerful Corporate Identity, but you will also develop awareness and assist people to remember your brand, allowing them to return for it at a later date.

Use in the Community

Stickers, once released, are accessible not only to the designer but also to the entire social media community. This is fantastic because, instead of just one individual utilising the stickers, you now have a large group of people who can help you disseminate your message and raise brand awareness at the same time!

Here's an example of how this works: Consider a buddy who is using the new McDonald's Stickers. Everyone will notice the brilliant red and yellow colours in seconds, resulting in unintentionally and voluntarily advertising McDonald's.

Once you've mastered implementing the keywords on your stickers to your advantage, the Snowball Effect doubles in size. However, for it to be genuinely effective, you must remember that people will not simply add your logo to their story and call it a day. That is why some broad stickers are typically a good idea.

Draw Attention

Stickers, while entertaining and amusing to play with, serve a purpose other than animating and jazzing up your Story Content. Furthermore, the fact that Stickers are always in motion attracts people's attention. As you might expect, this has a significant impact on your viewers' ability to absorb the material you present.

However, it does not end there: Engagement rates and brand recognition skyrocket as attention levels rise steeply! So, if you want people to pay attention to what you write, consider using WDDUK’s Customised Stickers services now and again!


The aforementioned factors have combined to provide WDDUK as the most advanced platform for all of your custom sticky product' requirements. We are always developing the online, manufacturing, distribution, and customer support experiences to ensure that you get the best-personalised stickers that you will adore!


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