Why Is a Semi-Annual Deep Cleaning Needed for My Office?

You may hear the term “deep cleaning” thrown around a lot by office cleaning companies. While it sounds effective, what is it really, and why do you need it twice a year?

Office cleaning companies will often offer this kind of service that goes well beyond regular cleaning. While regular cleaning targets common areas such as countertops in bathrooms and kitchens on a weekly or monthly schedule, it's not the only approach when you're hiring commercial office cleaning for the first time. 

A deep cleaning will not only sanitize common areas that people often congregate, but it also includes other areas that aren't during routine visits from an office cleaning expert. These can include places like under the sinks and between blinds. The idea is that the deep cleaning will set the bar for how clean your office should be, while routine cleanings by office cleaning companies can maintain it in the meantime.

It's suggested that one of the deep cleanings can be performed in spring (in line with spring cleaning to clear away the winter grime). However, you can work with a professional cleaner to determine when the best times for deep cleanings are depending on your space. It's also a suitable service to choose if you're moving into a space for the first time, and want to make sure you are starting with a clean slate. 

‘Deep Disinfection' Is a Term To Watch Out For

During the COVID-19 pandemic you might have also noticed the term “deep disinfection” popping up more often. While this also sounds like a miracle cure to rid your premises of pathogens, you should deal with office cleaning that understands the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. 

For example, you should clean surfaces properly first to set the stage for approved disinfectants to do their job killing germs. “Deep disinfection” includes fogging that uses tiny droplets to reach corners that are often neglected. Meanwhile, office cleaning companies can make disinfection an extension of their usual cleaning visits. 

Deep Cleaning Shows Deep Commitment

When you invest in deep cleaning from commercial office cleaning, you are showing your staff and clients that you take pride in your work environment. After all, where would you rather head to work in the morning – a spotless office or a place that's got dust and grime accumulating?

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Written by Sam Walkett


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