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Art is the most beautiful ability all the creatures on this planet are born with. Everybody has a different eye for art and every species displays art in some way or another. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge how art has made our lives more beautiful by just being a part of it, thus here in this read, we will talk our hearts out about art. What is art? Why is art important to society? What are the benefits of indulging in art?

What is Art?

According to the dictionary the definition of art states that the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

It is very well said by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. One can find beauty in nature and call it art while others can find beauty in the paintings and call it art. Art can be expressed in various forms like cooking, dancing, acting, painting and the list goes on. Art is that gist of life that makes a living more beautiful and pleasant.

Understanding the importance of art can be the greatest thing to explain but if you know what is art you can understand the importance of art somehow.

Benefits Of Art

To understand more in-depth why art is important let's take a quick walkthrough of the effects it has on our brains. Art and creativity make a human more healthy and connected to himself. There are several art-related therapies like painting, coloring, and drawing mandalas that make humans more calm ad relaxed when they are anxious or stressed. It is that detour that is needed in everyday life.

When you paint or do anything artistic the brain's reward path gets activated and it gives pleasure and relaxation.


Art is often used to express your thought or what you like or admire or adore in your life. Putting on paintings in your home made by various artists can make it look aesthetic and at the same time conveys a silent message about what you believe in.


Checkout The Beautiful Art Pieces

At Connect Contemporary the artist Parish Kohanim have commendable works displayed like Luminescent Dhalia in Motion (E.D./10), 2022 can leave you mesmerized by the concept of Luminescence.


While an artist like Pezhman has showcased a very unique presentation of art Pezhman, Phoria Figurative Alexandra, 2021 Photography, Encaustic, Lace, Oil Paint, and Swarovski Crystals on Board.


Craig Alan's Art on plexiglass is perfectly portrayed in Craig Alan, Limited Edition

Creature Condition (E.D./50), 2020.Framed Double Sided Print on Plexiglass.


Understanding light through art and looking at it from different angles can be seen in the works by Joao Paulo Goncalvez, Pixel The Son of Man, 2023 Pixel Wood, Light Source, Shadow in a Wooden Frame



To buy a such beautiful piece of art for your house if you are an art lover you must visit Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary at booth 403 at 333 Clematis Street, Suite 201

West Palm Beach, FL 33401  on January 25-29 2023. Visit LA Art Show which is an Affordable Art Fair.

Keep visiting the site of Connect Contemporary for updates on upcoming exhibits and fair events like Context Art Miami 2023 soon. Buy the best painting sand art by renowned artists and call it home!


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