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Why is Astrology Important for Love Life Relationship

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Astrology may give valuable insights into someone’s love life. Many people mostly remain worried about the fate of their love life. In such a situation, Astrology may answer all their queries. First, it may predict the chance of a person falling in love and the success or genuineness of their love life relationship. Whether your love of life will bring luck to you or will leave you in shatters! Uneasiness related to the love life can be easily sorted with the help of astrological guidance. Though the love partners know about each other in detail after spending a decent amount of time together, there still remain some hidden factors that only Astrology may discover! 

Is Astrology important for love marriage?

People fall in love and become crazy for one another. Everything goes into delusion, and they tend to see no practical thing but their fantasy world. Astrology involves knowing about the personality, traits, nature, characteristics, fortunes, misfortunes, strengths and weaknesses through that person's birth chart. We, as normal humans, look at things superficially, but a birth chart reveals hidden aspects of someone’s personality. Maybe your sweet-looking partner is afflicted with angarak yoga creating uncontrollable anger inside! You never know what could be hidden behind normal-looking things. Thus Astrology may tell you what your normal eyes can’t see. Moreover, kundli milan may further clarify the doubts regarding your compatibility. 

Important houses seen for the love relations

5th house- The fifth house in kundli is the house of love affairs, attraction and romance. Benefic planets in the 5th house give rise to love relations. Especially Venus and Moon give attraction towards the opposite gender or females. Similarly, for females, Mars may give attraction for the opposite sex.

11th house- This is a house of fulfillment of desires. Any planet sitting in the 5th house will also cast its aspect on the 11th house, thus connecting with it.

7th house- This is a house of marriage and spouse. Any relation between the 5th, 11th, and seventh house gives rise to stronger possibilities of love marriage for the native.

8th house- This is a house of hidden things. Any secret or the cast love relation can be seen from here. 

Important Planets

Venus- Venus is the planet of love, romance, and attraction. Its influence on the Lagna, Moon, or the 5th house gives hints of love marriage. 

Moon- Moon is a female planet that enhances a person's emotional side. For a soft feeling like love, a well-placed Moon is needed. 

Mars- Mars is an aggressive and fiery planet that gives the passion and energy required for igniting any love relation. It shows physical attraction, and the native remains passionate and possessive for their love partner.

Mercury- Known for its fun-loving attitude, Mercury may make the native to desire the company of another gender for entertainment and hang out. The planet, however, may not promote serious love relations, but if under the influence of benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus, the native falls in a serious love relationship.

Can Astrology solve my problem?

Astrology can definitely solve all kinds of love relationship problems. It may predict all the possibilities and guide you towards a better future. If you are facing any problem related to varying thoughts, varying points of view, parents or financial disparity, etc. in your love relationship, you may seek astrological guidance. 

How does Astrology impact on the love relationships?

Any relationship, whether arranged or a love relationship, must be checked on astrological grounds. It is natural for people with love marriage yoga to fall in love, but how fruitful your relationship would be can be identified with the help of Astrology. We suggest for kundli Milan before tying the knot because there is far more difference between spending a few hours together and the whole life together. Love tends to evaporate out of the relationship if both the partners are not compatible to each other.

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Marriage is not a relationship formed based on physical attraction, but there has to be mental compatibility as well, which can be confirmed with the help of Astrology only!  

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