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Handcrafted Gin is the ín’ thing right now, and savoured by none other than the Gin connoisseurs of the world. This beverage has always been a favourite among many people, and it is such a complex one that either you love it or you hate it. However, with the advent of Craft spirit distillers coming up with some fabulously aromatic and flavourful drinks which are infused with botanicals such as berries, fruits, herbs and spices, this craft spirit distilling business has soared, with more and more people wanting to taste this exquisite beverage.

Craft Gin is described as artisan spirit created by passionate distillers who love their product, and whose main goal is to produce an exquisite tasting beverage that would be loved by all. They usually produce them in small batches, and they know each and every ingredient that goes into their product, and what that ingredient does to the flavour and aroma of their product. The ingredients are hand picked and of the highest quality, and there is a reason for adding each and every botanical that they select. These botanicals, in addition to the dominant Juniper berry, can include cinnamon, cardamom, anise, orange peel, lemon peel, and so much more.

Craft Gin is so very versatile, diverse and flavourful that many people prefer not to mix it with other types of drinks, but rather drink it neat. With so many different botanicals being infused into its distilling process these days, there is sure to be a flavour that will strike a chord with you, unlike in the old days when it simply tasted like pine, and it felt as if you were drinking your Christmas tree! Gin really is a beverage to be consumed all on its own, even though this tradition (in ancient days it was consumed straight out of the bottle, no messing around with tasting and savouring there!) came to a halt once people started making cocktails out of it and with the advent of the all too famous G&T. However, in order to really be able to taste the different flavours of this delectable beverage, it really should be sipped neat, and by sipping, we really mean savouring it!

The taste of your Craft Gin will depend greatly on the ingredients used in it, and tasting it neat means that you get to savour each and every botanical that has gone into the making of your beverage, giving you the opportunity to truly appreciate the talent and creativity of its maker. Most distillers of this Craft spirit use a number of botanicals in just one batch, so there are several exotic flavours to taste and savour as you sip that drink, from citrus notes such as orange and lemon, to spices, herbs, berries and even florals. Don’t forget the botanicals used in the distilling of this spirit also creates its delectable fragrance that is unique to each bottle, type and brand. The aromatic experience you get from a fine Craft Gin is just as pleasing as the taste, and both of them coming together creates the best experience, or ‘ginsperience’ as we like to call it.

If you are a first-time taster of neat Gin, how should you do it? Well, the best way to try it neat for the very first time is to pour it into a tasting glass, which will enhance and intensify the aromas and flavours. Sip it, don’t gulp it down, and savour each and every mouthful so that you are inadvertently aware of all the ingredients that have gone into making your Craft Gin.

Prefer your drink with some ice? It is best to use a rock glass for this, and use ice that is made from filtered water. The short rock glass means that your drink is closer to your nose when you drink it, and therefore the aromas of your exquisite beverage can fill your senses and enhance the flavour as you taste it on your lips.

Craft Gin distillers have certainly brought back the age-old traditions for lovers of this fine spirit to truly savour their drink, with their passionately created artisan beverages. What more can fan ask for than the ability to delight in the taste and flavour of their favourite drink? Of course, it must be remembered that not all Gin can be taken neat, it must be of the highest quality and taste, and it must be Craft Gin!

Are you craving for your booze delivery in London now? Don’t fret. There are many companies that provide doorstep delivery of tasteful Craft spirits and ordering it is as easy as clicking a button. Simply search for your favourite craft spirit bottle online and place your order, and it will be sent to you in no time at all, conveniently and hassle-free, and give you the opportunity to sit back and relax with a glass of the world’s best beverage. Don’t forget to taste and savour all those delicious botanicals that go into forming the perfect Craft Gin, as you sip that delicately refreshing beverage.


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