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In the world of cross platform app development there are some Technologies and frameworks that help novice developers and programmers create life like apps that have great features and functions. In this trend of cross platform app development there are some competitors but our Technology has stood out of the competition and is created complete dominance when it comes to app development that supports cross platform standards

 This technology is flutter, and in this article we are going to see, what makes flutter so popular and why is flutter app development ruling the trends.

 Here are our reasons for what makes flutter app development so popular… 

Open Source SDKandroik

Flutter is based on the open source SDK standards. This means that there are no extensive license fee or costly subscriptions that the developer order programmer needs to bear. This means anyone and everyone can use flutter to create Apps or to go in the mastery over the app development framework. 

Google has developed Flutter to be an open source standard that supports different kinds of app development and provide the likes of the consumers. Because of this reason it becomes extremely easy on the developers point of view to just develop apps and conform to the standards defined by open source Technology.

Hot Reload

This is one of the features that makes flutter stand out from the competition. Hot reload means that a developer or designer can make changes to the code in real time and get to see the changes without having to compile or reload the application. Because of this reason it says numerous amounts of time on the developer front when the programmer is creating apps. This increases the developer productivity and the developer is able to concentrate on creating and providing functionality to the app

Multiple Widgets

Flutter out-of-the-box provides multiple widgets and functions that many developers and programmers can use in order to customise their application according to the different likings of the end user. Because of this reason the amount of customisation that is offered by flutter app is just a huge amount in nature. There is a widget provided for each and every function that the developer can use to implement in their app.

Easy Customization

As indicated, flutter provides numerous customisation features and functions, that the developers and programmers can leverage and tailor-make the app according to the requirements. Because of this features it becomes extremely easy on the developers part to customise the app, and this is the very reason that many developers and programmer find themselves developing flutter apps according to the demands of the user

Single Code base


Flutter employs and uses the concept of a single code base in order to develop cross platform apps that run smoothly on IOS and Android platforms. Single code base functionality ensures the developers do not have to write two different separate apps for running cross platform app capabilities, but software development kits can easily produce and handle 2 different apps development requirements that are based on a single code base. 

Developers have to concentrate on maintaining only a single code base in order to develop two different apps for the iOS and Android platform.

Great Community

The Flutter community is ever-growing, anyone and everyone can take advantage of this community. if a developer or programmer has any questions or queries with regards to the development activities, he or she can post the questions in the forum groups of the community, and can get instantly resolutions for this type of questions. In this way the development efforts can be kept to be continually growing as well as facilitates an exchange of knowledge that developers can benefit from.

Supported by Google

Flutter is developed and supported by Google, and as we know Google is the largest search engine provider and Tech company in the world.  We can expect a constant stream of improvements and updates as well as a number of features and functions in the form of constant updates to be delivered to developers and programmers in order to improve and enhance flutter and take it to new levels of programming and development

Low Cost Development

Flutter provides a good alternative for developing apps on numerous platforms easily and flexibly. This low cost alternative is similar to the likings native app development and provide similar performance and features compared to native app development. Because of this low cost approach to app development many companies and organisations are looking forward to reducing and implementing flutter in their app development efforts and providing competitive apps to end users.

Low development time

When the question is about developing an app that takes the least amount of development effort as well as time, flutter proves to be a better alternative in the case of low cost development. Companies which require too quickly launch and create a minimum viable product so that the end users can evaluate and use the product, flutter proves to be a better approach to low cost app development as well as reduce time for app development. 


So because of the above reasons we feel that Flutter SDK is gaining popularity and is ruling and having the greatest trends among developers and designers as well as many companies alike.


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