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Why Is Iridium Satellite Phone Preferred Over Other Brands?

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The Iridium Satellite Phone is preferred among others due to its high performance and specifications. Satellite phones are chosen over cell phones in low or zero-network coverage areas. It helps you keep connected with others when you are on a team mission. Beyond this preference, people also come up with their own choices of satellite phone brands.

Highly Extended Battery Life

You will prefer satellite phones with extended battery life in long-term projects or missions. The iridium satellite phones have highly extended battery life compared to other brands. You can use the phone for a prolonged time. There are different models of this brand that were developed with battery life upgrades. For example, the Iridium Extreme has 4 hours of talk time and 30 hours of standby.

Two Way Connection

Communicating using satellites is now more accessible due to the Internet. You can send data from a remote site to any place with two-way satellite communication. Further, the data is sent to the online server. The iridium satellite phones offer an enhanced way of sending SMS and email messaging. This has become another prime reason to prefer the iridium brand. Through the iridium satellite hotspot, you can connect to the Internet. The plans and packages are available in various options.

  • Location-Based Services

The iridium satellite phone offers location-based services to users. The sat phones support GPS, which makes tracking more easier. Moreover, it offers online tracking and Google Maps services. Hence, there is no chance of getting lost. You can be rescued from any remote location. Moreover, you can reach the safe place through tracking at any time. With iridium certus airtime offering monthly and annual subscriptions, you will stay with a stable connection.

  • Emergency Assistance

The satellite phone brands come with a 24/7 emergency assistance plan. The phones have programmable one-touch SOS features through which you get help at any time at any location. The iridium 9575 satellite phone will be extremely helpful in maritime services and military missions.

  • High Durability

The Iridium sat phones are features with high durability properties. The phone can resist any harsh weather conditions. You will never lose network connection with Iridium 9555. The models are equipped with a weather-resistant keypad and wind-resistant microphone. Hence, these can run longer. You can use prepaid top-ups of Iridium GO!® Top-Ups to recharge.

  • Enhanced Security

The Iridium sat phone models come with higher security factors. You will have a keypad lock with a PIN lock system in it. The security system is equipped with highly secured program features.

These specifications make the iridium satellite phones highly preferable and popular in various businesses and projects.

Source – https://bit.ly/3s0Dtqd


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