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Your life is just as important as the ones who have passed away. You are meant to live life even after grief and loss. Though it can be hard to deal with, and people often lose hope, you must continue living.

There will be things in life that you are meant to see, and there still are people you are supposed to meet. Millions of experiences still await you and are supposed to be enjoyed and lived. Though it might be hard but living through it is a better option than giving one’s soul away with those who are deceased.

More Goals To Achieve

With another opportunity to live a legacy, you should be willing to make more goals for yourself to achieve. There are things in life that you should know need time and should be completed before one passes away.

Take the passing of a loved one as a sign of life being too short. You should utilize the time given and help yourself become a better person who has lived life with utmost joy and love.

Other Loved Ones Still Exist

Realize that there are other people who love you as well. The person that passed away may have played an important role in your life, and their dedication should be respected. The grief that comes along with losing them should be taken and felt. However, you also need to realize that other people still wish you well and want to see you happy.

Though no one can replace them, there will still be experiences that await you. You could potentially find more people who are as close to being as loveable as they were. Channel your energy into something useful and make sure that you still have hope for a better future.

They say time heals; however, the grief will remain, but your experiences in life will make it a distant, bitter memory.

Better Things Await

Living Through Dying helps people understand that life after loss can be used to achieve greatness. Yes, the loss is heavy, but one can use this energy and bring their life to a better point.

It helps a human realize that there are things in life that are still worth living. As well as how to cope with the loss of a loved one. I went through the unfortunate demise of my father and was pulled to write this book in hopes of sparking something in those who are grieving.


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