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Why is it necessary for pets to be examined by a veterinarian before traveling?

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A planned trip requires you to be on your toes all day long, continuously settling on a variety of issues. There are plenty of things that require your full attention, from deciding on a trip place to deciding on what dresses and other things to pack in a bag. There prevails, even more, to perform when the journey comprises your pet. With so many things on the table, we tend to overlook the necessities. While your health may be fine, and you do not require a check-up before traveling, it is critical that your pet receives a full health check.

It is not merely a requirement for a pet to travel with you, but even if it is not, you should take care of your pet’s health and condition exactly as you would your own. However, if your pet is currently accompanying you on your much-anticipated adventure, it is time to get a health check-up for your cute pet from Best Vet in Oxford MS before you flee to your vacation destination. This is how it is done.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian

Taking care of your little pet’s travel health condition commenced within the confines of your veterinarian’s office. Make an arrangement with your veterinarian ahead of time to make sure that your pet is completely healthy and capable of dealing with the stress of traveling. To be honest, if your pet is not in good health, traveling can be aggravating for him or her.

Taking your pet to the vet clinic is important for collecting the necessary health statements and reports that will make your travel with a pet a lot easier. Though, in order to obtain a vet’s consent or approval, your pet must go through a series of examinations and treatments. Among the most crucial tests, methods, and treatments are:

1. Implanting a microchip 

When traveling with one or many pets of yours, a microchip is an absolute must. Though it is affirmed as a prerequisite for traveling with a pet internationally, it serves as proof of identification, and a tag for your pet is considerably more significant. Now, if you want to know how, then In the worst-case scenario, if you somehow get segregated from your pet while traveling and that too in an unknown location, then a microchip will assist you in locating your pet. However, keep in mind that you must perpetually enroll the microchip with your current and active contact information, which you always have with you. 

2. Vaccinations 

It is a no-brainer whether you include your pet with you while traveling or not. In order for your pet to be healthy, he or she should always receive the necessary vaccinations. Actually, vaccination becomes a must when your pet is traveling abroad with you, where they are at risk of contracting diseases and deadly infection which is not found in the air and atmosphere of your home country. Rabies vaccination is, by far, the most important of all the known vaccinations for pets to obtain before traveling to any state or country on the whole planet. So, get Oxford MS Veterinarian to provide you with existing information and solid proof of that. There are many other vaccinations that are determined by the veterinarian established on how many days you will be taken off on your vacation and whether or not these stated vaccinations are needed in the country to which you intend to travel. 

3. Tests of blood and other fluid

Fluid tests, like blood tests, are a vital pointer to one’s overall health. This law not only applies to humans but also applies to pets. A blood test is required to determine whether your pet is fit to go on vacation and travel with you or not. Some specific countries require Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN), which is a different kind of blood test only, to determine the number of rabies antibodies in the pet’s fluid blood. The time frame for performing this test varies by country, but it must be completed at least three months before traveling. 

4. Examine for Parasites 

The harsh reality, whether you accept it or not, is that parasites enjoy feeding on the body, fluid, and blood of your lovely pet. Though it is possible that you can sight some of the parasites on your pet body and deal with them, numerous parasites leave unnoticed. And this can pose significant health hazards not only to your pet but also to those around your pet, including you. In addition, a parasite-infested pet is not permitted to travel. As a result, you must rule out all likelihoods of an inner or external parasite by requesting that your MS veterinarian conduct examinations on your pet in order to alleviate him or her of it. 

Now that you know why you should take your pet to the vet before your next trip, arrange a meeting with a Veterinarian in Oxford, MS for your pet before your pet-friendly vacation. NOW!


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