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If you are a student and are still thinking about which college to take, a tip: no matter the area, learning a language will make your job search and your education different.

And if you have time available now, invest it in something that can bring you returns. Starting now, you will have time to improve even more in the chosen language, evolving learning along with the construction of your career.

– To evolve your career

Knowing another language is practically a prerequisite for those who want to reach new heights in their careers.

In addition to increasing the curriculum, knowledge of a second (or a third!) Language can be the necessary differential to win a vacancy, or even to stay where you are already.

Not to mention that, when studying, you show that you are engaged with your professional career, to also improve your performance in the company.

– To deepen your studies

Many master's, doctoral or research students in general need a second or even a third language.

In fact, this is a prerequisite for selecting courses like these. That is, if your plans for the future include academic research, do not waste time: start preparing for the process now.

– To travel and enjoy life

If you want to visit new countries, traveling alone or in good company, speaking the local language will facilitate the day-to-day of your trip, but mainly it will allow you to truly immerse yourself in this culture and enjoy the tour more intensely.

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– For your health

Believe it or not: many doctors are recommending patients to spend their free time with courses that interest them.

If you like a language and have always wanted to know it better, this is one more reason to turn the desire into reality.


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