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Technology is a widespread thing that dates back since the dawn of time. Evolution has led to the discovery and endevorance of many Technologies that has helped man to create new and innovative things. programmers and Developers utilised this technology resources to create awesome applications and help consumers and customers all around the world.

With programming being just a medium to perform things, it is evident that it will go too far.

Java has been long around us since 1995. It has a good history of 26 years behind its back.

Java has enabled programmers and developers to do the things that have always been thought impossible. With Java being used everywhere it is no longer an immature language, as it provides multiple features and benefits to programmers and Developers alike.

 Let us see Why Java is so popular for developers and programmers.

Here are our top 8 reasons that makes Java so popular for programmers and developers:

First Cross-Platform Language 

Java is the first language in the world that supports cross platform application development. it is the language that truly defines the Philosophy of “write once run anywhere”. Because of this very nature Java can be run on any platform on any technology pretty easily and efficiently. To enable this Java uses the concept of Java Virtual Machine that helps it to run any Java program on any kind of platform. 

This is the first and only language that only supports cross platform capabilities and is able to execute and run on a wide range of platforms that are available to us. Using Java, programmers and Developers can write applications that run on popular operating systems such as Windows Mac and LINUX without having to worry about any kind of compatibility issues or such kinds of problems.

Object Oriented capability

Java is the first language to provide object oriented capability and features to programmers and Developers alike. Java implements object-oriented capability and provides developers with various object oriented features that truly provides the need and definition to run object oriented programs pretty easily and efficiently.

High Performance

Java is high performance in nature and this means that the language is APT to run even the most demanding Java application pretty easily and efficiently and without encountering any hiccups or problems. Because of this nature there are many avenues that use Java and different verticals that implement Java programs for their daily operations.

The verticals such as Banking and Finance, retail, fashion, e-commerce, etc are using and relying on Java to provide smooth operations and to enable customers to do their thing pretty easily and efficiently.

High Security

Java is also high security in nature and this means that programs that are written in Java cannot be intruded, hacked, illegally modified, or obstructed for performing their functions. This high security nature provides the safety and security for different kinds of users thereby enabling them to safely rely on this application and to perform their operations pretty easily and efficiently.

The amount of security offered by Java applications is really reliable and dependable in nature. Users are able to perform their daily operations pretty easily and efficiently without encountering any major problems that cannot struck their daily operations

Multi Threaded Support

Java provides multithreaded support and features for multi-threaded applications that are able to provide high performance multithreaded operations for applications that require them pretty easily and efficiently. Program and applications can rely on more than one thread in order to execute and simultaneously perform different tasks of various nature in parallel that provides and enables highly multithreaded operations for different kinds of applications.

Open Source 

Java is developed from the ground up to be an open source language. And this enables developers and programmers to use this language as is without any kind of licensing or subscription fees needed to run and operate the language. This means any programmer can modify and use the language for their own purposes as well as contribute to the open source nature repositories and provide enhancements to the language. 

Easy to learn

Java is easy to learn and understand and this means that beginners and Novice programmers can easily master the language and learn the object oriented concepts pretty easily and efficiently. Java relies on the other languages such as C and C plus plus for its elegance and operability. Many developers and programmers find Java to be easy to learn language in the initial stages. The learning curve encountered by Programmers and Developers when learning the language is short in nature and is easy to apprehend.

Great Community

Java offers great community support for budding developers and programmers. any kind of questions or comments that or queries that developers have can be answered by this community by just posting their questions and queries in the forums. This community is never giving and is dedicated to helping one another solve programming problems, and help each other out.


Because of the above reasons that we feel that Java is popular and is searching in popularity because of these top 8 reasons. 


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