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BMW highly focuses on offering the ultimate driving experience to its customers. But it is not secure from inevitable damages. BMW can go through some technical problems like shaking out of the blue. If your car is doing the same, learn what it means and how to fix it.


A shaky car can mean a minor balancing problem or even a significant problem with the BMW car engine. It's a good idea to check internal components to find the reason behind it and nip it in the bud.


Possible Causes of a BMW Car Shaking


Following are some common causes of this type of situation. Read on to know what you need to inspect.


1. Inspect the Engine Compartment


Start with the engine compartment itself, as it’s most likely to be the reason. Your MW could be shaking because of a leak inside the engine compartment. If you find the leak, fix it with glue if possible. Otherwise, you should start looking for BMW car engines for sale to replace the faulty engine.


2. Check the Battery Connections 


The next possibility is a loose battery connection which can lead to car shaking. Battery connections ensure that all the internal components get an adequate supply of power. So, if your car has loose or ineffective connections, those should be replaced immediately to avoid more problems.


3. Inspect the Hoses


Like the engine compartment, the hoses under the hood can have leaks too. There are not one but multiple hoses inside the engine connecting the radiator, air conditioning condenser, and power steering pump. A leak in any of these hoses can be a reason behind the shaking of the BMW car at the time of starting.


So, you must inspect all these hoses for any leak or problem there and try to solve them to get rid of BMW shaking problem.


4. Check the Oil Level 


Oil is blood in the anatomy of engines. It carries out multiple functions, from lubricating to cooling, So, the ill-maintenance of engine oil can affect a car on multiple levels. One of them can be shaking the car. So, if you suspect the reason for oil insufficiency, top up the oil immediately. If there’s a chance that the engine is beyond repair, you must swap it with a used engine at the earliest to fix the problem economically.


Whatever the reason may be, the most comprehensive yet affordable solution to engine troubles is to go for used BMW motors and carry out an engine swap. It will eliminate the car shaking problem and allow you to enjoy your BMW without any trouble.




BMW owners sometimes face a car shaking problem when turning on the ignition. The reason could anything from a wheel balancing or alignment issue to major engine default. It’s best to carry out a thorough inspection and fix the issue at the earliest. The most profitable option is to buy a used BMW engine with a warranty and restore your BMW’s drivability.  


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