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The Epson printers are mostly known for printing the documents in the raw format. Whenever you give the print command to your device. it will print the documents immediately. However, sometimes printer will stop printing the docs after general clean up. Due to which, when you will give the print command, you will get a blank page as an output.

Generally, An Epson printer starts printing blank pages because of the ink cartridge or toner problem. when printer is unable to detect the ink cartridge or toner. you will see such errors on your device.

However, sometimes, Epson printer does not print the documents because of the driver or printer firmware issue. if you don’t know how to troubleshoot the printer that is just printing blank pages. you can follow the guide given below.

How to fix the epson printer that printing blank pages?

First of all, you need to power cycle the printer and computer once. Now give a new print command. Let’s see is it printing now or not? If your printer is not printing the documents. you need to follow the instructions given below.

Check the ink cartridge-

Let’s go to the printer settings and ensure that the printer is detecting the ink cartridge without any error. Also, It has enough ink to print the documents. if your ink cartridge has a low ink or it is not detecting the ink cartridge. You need to remove the cartridge and then install the cartridge again.

Restart the print services –

Let’s make sure that the print services are working fine on your windows computer. So go to the service manager and restart the print service. Once you will reboot the print service. It should start working fine for you then.

Reinstall the printer –

Sometimes, Epson printer is printing blank pages because of the driver problems. so you need to remove the printer from your computer. now install the printer back into the computer. once you will make these changes into the printer. your device will start working fine.

Update the printer firmware –

Apart from the printer driver, Sometimes firmware can also cause the printing blank pages issue. so you need to go to the printer settings and update the printer firmware. while doing so, you need to make sure that your printer is connected to the internet.

Reset the printer –

If you have tried all these instructions but your printer is still printing blank pages. you need to factory reset the printer. After resetting the printer, you need to restart the printer again. it will start working fine for you then.

So these are the steps to fix why is my epson printer just printing blank pages error. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit askprob blogs. There you will find the complete guide.



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