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Why Is My Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working

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Ways to fix your Google hangout microphone if it is not working

Google hangout is platform developed by Google for communication. It provides services like messaging, video chat, and VOIP features. The app gained a lot of popularity and is highly used. However sometimes we face the problem that the microphone of Google hangout stops working. If you too are facing the same problem and are wondering why is this happening then these are some potential reasons why your Google hangouts microphone not working and how you can fix it.

  1. Your microphone might not be connected or turned off or is mute. Make sure your Google hangout microphone is connected to your computer properly. Check if you have plugged the right cable. Also check if the sound of your microphone is turned on and it is not on mute mode.
  2. There might also be certain permission problem. This means that our browser monitors every action of any website and gives permission for actions but if it declines any permission the settings are saved that way and this causes problems. To change or check it open Hangout app. Call anyone and once you call, you will find a video icon on the top right side. Open it and check if the option ‘Continue allowing https://hangouts.google.com to access your microphone' is on. If not then turn it on and save the changes.
  3. Several times due to unwanted cookies and cache we are unable to use microphone. Clear the cookies and cache. To clear it, go to the settings option in your chrome. Go to the ‘Advanced' option and open ‘Privacy and Settings'. There you will find ‘Clear browsing data' option, click it and clear all bad cache and cookies.
  4. Another reason for your Google hangouts microphone not working could be that your hangout app is not updated. Make sure you have the updated version. Go to the play store app and update it.
  5. Your microphone might also not be working because other applications may be using it as well. Thus your microphone is not functioning on Hangouts. Try closing all other application to avoid clashes.
If in case no resolve your issues then just contact Google support number get best help.


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