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Why Is My Silhouette Cameo 4 Not Cutting [Top 10 Reasons]

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 It is so frustrating when your Silhouette Cameo 4 machine stops working as it does. The machine starts showing problems all of a sudden and stops cutting. Sometimes the machine cuts but not as you want. So, if you were thinking, why is my Silhouette Cameo 4 not cutting, read the blog till the end to find the cause. Almost every user might have felt this issue. There can be multiple reasons for it.

10 Reasons Why Your Silhouette Cameo 4 Is Not Cutting

Here you will find the 10 reasons for Silhouette Cameo 4 not cutting issues. I have diagnosed all these issues throughout my journey using Silhouette Cameo 4. So, let’s discuss those.

1.   Blades Aren’t Properly Inserted

This is one of the common issues that users face. To make a proper cut, you need to push down the blades with no gaps between the tool holder and the blade. This applies to the autoblades that are newly launched on models. When you set up your machine for the first time, you have to press the blades firmly to fix it into place. However, it will become easier with time.

In the case of a ratchet blade, put it with the fin on the casing pointed forward. When you look at the blade from the top, the fin will appear in a 6 o’clock position when properly adjusted. Also, the blade should be locked down into the tool holder. On your Cameo 3 machine, push the lock lever until there is a slight change to the Silhouette blue.

2.   The Blade Is Damaged Or Broken

It may be possible that the blade you are using is damaged or broken. It depends on the type of material you are cutting. Some papers, such as thick cardstock or chipboard, can quickly damage your blades. Or you may find that your blade is damaged by cutting denser materials. Try to get a new blade in this case.

3.   Incorrect Cut Settings

One way to avoid this issue is to take a test cut every time you cut new material. You can also perform a test cut when using the same blade for a long time to check if the settings need to be adjusted. So, in order to take a test, cut in Silhouette Studio version 4, launch the Send panel and select your material from the given list or add your own. Now, click the “test” button at the lower right side of the screen. After the test is complete, check your cut and modify the settings. You can create your own test cut using a text or image of your choice.

4.   Autoblade May Not Adjust Properly

To check the settings of Autoblade, see the red indicator line in the blade window. If it doesn’t match the settings you selected, then it’s not automatically adjusted. There can be many reasons for the altered settings. The main reason can be the adjustment slot is blocked in some way. Or the Autoblade is not inserted properly into the tool holder or may be inserted into the wrong tool holder.

5.   Blade Is Dirty

Some media can leave dirt on your blade. The vinyl or paper may also collect inside the blade assembly over time. To resolve this problem, you need to clean the blade thoroughly. After that, make sure to tighten the blade cap completely. The ratchet blades will not cut properly if the white caps are loose.

6.   Firmware Is Outdated

If your firmware is outdated, cutting issues may arise. To resolve this, you have to update the firmware.

7.   Cut Lines Are Not Selected

It can happen to anyone while using the Cameo machine. To check if your design has cut lines, check it in the Send Panel. Bold lines will show the cut areas. So, if you don’t see the bold lines, select the design and choose “Cut” or “Cut Edge” from the menu on the right side in the Send Panel. Then the bold lines will appear.

8.   Cutting Strip Is Damaged

A cutting strip is a small piece adjusted under the blade holder and runs through the width of the machine bed. The function of this strip is to protect the blades from damage and the machine while cutting materials without a mat. But these strips might wear off over time, which is perfectly normal.

9.   Cutting Mat Has To Be Cleaned Or Replaced

The cut materials may leave residue, such as bits of paper vinyl that get stuck to the mat and ruin the cutting mat. That’s why you need to clean the mat with a lint roller, a magic eraser, or baby wipes. Or if you are using the same mat for a long time, it may lose its stickiness and show signs of damage. It may also cause cutting issues.

If your material isn’t sticking to the mat properly, use the painter’s tape to adjust it in place. Replace the mat if it gets damaged or non-sticky.

10.                Your Design Has Too Many Nodes

When you see a design in point editing mode, you notice a series of tiny grey squares. Each square shows a node. A node works as a stopping point that a blade makes along the cutting way. If you don’t simplify the design, it will result in excess nodes. Creating a large design too far may cause too many nodes. Unwanted nodes may cause cutting issues. So, to remove the excess nodes, simplify the design, or you can manually delete the nodes.


Now you may get an answer on why is my Silhouette Cameo 4 not cutting properly. These were the common problems that users faced in their cutting jobs. But it’s not a problem to feel embarrassed about. We all deal with such weird things once in a while. The right thing is to find the reason and fix the issue as soon as possible. So, next time you encounter such a situation, don’t panic; use the techniques mentioned above to resolve it.




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