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We have to accept the painful fact that Chadwick Boseman will not return as Black Panther. We have to move on.

Now, the topic of our discussion is the fact that Shuri’s name has come up time and time again in the rumors as the new Black Panther of the MCU. While there are several fans who appreciate this choice, some do not quite find her as an adequate replacement. We will make a case for the latter argument not because of some dislike against her but because of the fact that she is a tech genius and perhaps the most talented human tech genius after Tony Stark in the entire MCU.

Now, after Tony Stark’s death, we can expect her to take a leading role in the science and tech department of the MCU alongside Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.

She has already created an identity of herself, and that is of a smart woman behind the sophisticated devices, not of a warrior on the battlefield.

Are you having some trouble understanding me? Yes?

Well, allow me to be bold to say this. Not everyone needs to be on the battlefield. Well, now you would argue that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner does both the jobs, and he does that really well. Even the now-deceased character of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man used to be both. A street-smart engineer and a robust fighter.

 If Tony Stark can do both the jobs efficiently, why not Shuri?

Well, the answer to that is the fact that if that happens, Marvel will become a repetitive monotone.

See, Captain Marvel is enough to handle things on the ground (and in the air, of course).

Shuri is Shuri. She is smart, and she is important.  We need her to solve things behind the scenes. And she has been very good at it in the preceding films. There is absolutely no need to get out of the way and follow each and everything from comics.

I can understand the fact that she did become a Black Panther during Reginald Hudlin’s run on Black Panther. However, nobody said that we need to copy each and everything. Movies are different. Its audience is different. There are completely separate dynamics at play here.

Take the example of Wonder Woman. Why do you like her? Because you have always seen her as a warrior. Now, if DC suddenly decides to make her drop her “Bracelets of Submission” and give her a white coat, things would look awkward, right?

The same is the case with Shuri.

Let her do what she does best—making powerful weapons.

Find someone else to become a Black Panther.

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