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Why Is the Breaker Box for My Home Outside the Structure? 

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The connection between your house and the nearby electrical grid is made by the breaker box in your home. It also regulates how power is delivered throughout your home's numerous rooms and appliances. An electric current that flows through the copper wires in your home and is triggered whenever the switches in the breaker box are toggled powers the electrical equipment in your home. You might be asking why the breaker box is located outside if the electrical panel for your new home is situated on the exterior of the structure. If so, keep reading to get the answer to this query by Local Electricians In Melbourne. 

Do you have a fuse box or breaker box outside your house? 

Some areas of the nation have been subject to new laws during the past 15 years that requires the placement of breaker boxes in a location that is outside the home. As a result, the local fire brigade will be able to quickly cut off the home's energy supply in the event of a fire. If your house is less than 15 years old, there is a significant chance that the electrical system's breaker box is located outside of your home. The circuit breaker box is probably located inside your home if your house is a little older than this. Given that the average age of a home is 44 years old, a sizable portion of them would require considerable electrical modifications to meet the new standards. 

The National Electrical Code (NEC) should always be examined for the most updated requirements because laws may vary from one state to the next. Instead, seek advice from a nearby building inspector on the best location for your breaker box if you are thinking about shifting it to a new location. 

How to Locate Your Circuit Breaker Box Precise Location 

The breaker box that regulates your home's electrical system can be found on the service head on the roof of your home if you live in a location where electricity wires are above ground. Your home will now be connected to the wider electrical grid through the power line. According on your preference, your service panel will either be positioned directly beneath the service head on one of your home's levels or on the exterior of the house. 

To locate the breaker box, which is located on the interior of your home, look for a metal panel door that swings open or a sizable metal box that is painted to blend in with the colour scheme of your home. 


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