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Brother Printer offers some smooth and high-quality printing features. While trying to print something from your Brother Printer, you may sometimes find that your Brother Printer appears to be offline. There are several reasons for your query why is my Brother Printer offline?

Reasons for Brother Printer appearing offline

If you see “Printer Offline” message displays on your screen for your Brother Printer, it could be due to the following reasons:

1. Your Brother Printer is not power on.

2. Brother Printer disconnects.

3. Brother Printer not set as the default printer for your system.

4. A previously stuck printing job in the printing queue is preventing further printing.

5. Brother Printer’s status is set to Offline or Paused.

6. Multiple copies created for the same Brother Printer.

7. Your Brother Printer driver is not working correctly for your operating system.

Luckily, Brother Printer users can solve these issues on their own.

How to fix Brother Printer offline problem?

1. Checking the Brother Printer power

If your Brother Printer seems to be offline, you should check for the power button of your Brother Printer. Check if the LED lights on your Brother Printer turns on. Suppose the printer is not turned on, press and hold the power button on your Brother Printer and check if your Brother Printer turns on. Also, check the power cable. If the power cable connected to your Brother Printer is loose, your Brother printer will not work.

2. The connection between Brother Printer and computer

You need to check the printer cable connection between your Brother Printer and your system. Brother Printer requires a direct USB connection with your system. Ensure that your Ethernet cable is not loose.

3. Your Brother Printer is not set as your default printer.

If you have checked the power cable and the USB connection to your system, you must ensure that your Brother Printer is set as the default printer of your system.

If the light on Brother Printer keeps flashing, it might be the Brother Printer error light. If the LED light of your Brother Printer blinks an orange light in every second, it means your ink toner is low on ink level and needs a replacement soon. Though the machine will keep printing until the toner gets entirely empty, you should replace the Brother Printer cartridge before it gets empty to avoid the entrance of air in the cartridge.

If the LED blinks four times and then turn off for 1 second, it signifies that either the printer lid is open or the Brother Printer machine is out of memory. To resolve such errors, you can get help from our Brother Printer experts at any time.

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