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Why is Yahoo mail service not functioning on iPhone and Android

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Yahoo mail is undoubtedly one of the best email service providers globally. There can be a situation where your Yahoo mail is not functioning well on the iPhone and Android. In that case, follow the simple troubleshooting steps. After that, you’ll be able to use Yahoo mail on your iPhone and Android phone. 


Steps to make Yahoo work on your phone:


The troubleshooting steps to make Yahoo work again on your phone is different for Android and iPhone. 




There can be a situation where your Yahoo mail not working on Android. You don’t need to worry about that because you can fix that issue yourself. You only need to make sure you have chosen the troubleshooting steps given below regarding the Yahoo mail. 


  • Outdated version of Yahoo – There is a possibility that your issue will be resolved once you have updated the Yahoo application. At times, because the application gets outdated, it stops working correctly. So, you need to make sure that you have updated it. 
  • Clear the cache and data from the Android phone – You must clear the cache from the android phone. At times due to the previous store, the customers cannot get the best service of the Yahoo mail. Once you have cleared it, then it’ll start working again. 
  • Restart your phone – You can restart the phone you’re using. After that, Yahoo might start working again. We sometimes get tangled with the complicated troubleshooting steps when a simple action like restarting the phone can provide us with the solution. 



iPhone certainly provides an excellent service to the customers. However, there can be a situation where Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. In that situation, you would need to follow the information given below. 


  • In case you’re not able to use Yahoo mail on your iPhone browser. Then you can download Yahoo from the Apple app store. After that, you can use the email service of Yahoo. 
  • There can be a scenario where you have not turned on the cellular data. For that, you can go in the option of settings. After that, in the settings option, select the option of “Cellular.” That is it, now choose the option of “Toggle mail app on.”
  • You can even try to log out of the mail account of Yahoo. After that, restart the iPhone and log in back to your account. Then you’ll be able to use the Yahoo mail account. 
  • You can enable the “Allow the application to use less secure sign-in.” In this manner, your Yahoo mail will start working again without any issue. For that, sign in to the account of Yahoo. Now on the homepage, tap on your name. Now select the option of “Account info.” Now choose the option of “Account security.” That is it, now select the option of “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in.” Once you have selected this option, select the option to enable it. Your issue will be quickly resolved. 


In case your Yahoo mail not working even after following the information above. Then you can call up the customer support of Yahoo. They’ll make sure that your issue is resolved in a short period. You can also chat with the agent from support of Yahoo. After following the information above, your case will be resolved in a short period. 




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