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When your printer uses the series of gold contacts on the front of the cartridges to contact the cartridge and obtain information about ink levels or the type of ink cartridge, it is partially possible they are damaged or worn out the constant use. In case these gold contacts observed dirt particles or ink or something that created the problem, then you might receive an error code from your printer. However, it is known that the Canon printer provided high-end features and high-quality printing to the users. 

But despite the fact it is highly recommended on a global level, these machines tend to display error codes. Whenever your printer detects a problem occurring inside it, you will be notified via the error code. And here, the “Check Ink” 1684 Error Message represents miscommunication with the ink cartridges. For which, you will have to apply the solutions given below accordingly. Follow the instructions and resolve the problem within minutes. 

Troubleshooting the “Check Ink” 1684 Error Message in Canon Printer

●         Remove the Cartridge, the one with the fault

If you are in luck, your Canon printer will display which one of the cartridges is causing the trouble in your printer. You will be able to see if it is the black one or the color one causing the mess in your printer and displaying the error message with the “Check Ink” statement in the printer. 

In case the printer is not displaying the exact cartridge, which is causing the problem and displaying the error message, or you are unable to identify which one is the faulty one. Then you need to remove both the cartridge black and the color one from the printer gently. 

●         Cleaning the Cartridge Gold Contacts 

Once you have removed the cartridge, you need to locate the gold cartridge contacts on the front of the cartridge. There will be a small strip on the front of the cartridge, including the series of gold contacts, which will be visible pretty easily to you. From here, the steps are pretty easy, you simply need to clean these gold contacts with a piece of non-fibrous tissue or a piece of kitchen tissue. In case you spot something that looks more stubborn and difficult to clean on the contacts. Then you need to use an alcohol-based cleaning solution or something that can help you remove the stain or that particular particle. 

●         Reinsert the Cartridge

Once you have cleaned the cartridges and gold contacts in the printer, you need to reinstall the cartridges back into the printer. You need to make sure that the cartridges are placed safely and gently back into their slots, as your printer will display the error code even if it is improperly handled. After you have installed them correctly, you need to close the access door of the cartridges and check if the connections are perfectly attached. 

If your printer has stopped displaying the error code by any chance, then it is well and good. In case the error code remains in your printer, then it is probably due to the cartridges having been damaged, or it might have stopped functioning on an electronic level. Whatever may be the case found in the printer, you need to replace the cartridges with a newer one. It is strictly recommended to buy the authentic one officially from the Canon.

In case you are still discovering the error code in the printer, then there might be the case of damaged contacts, or they are simply struggling with some problem. In this case, you need to clean the contacts, which is explained earlier in this blog. And even after applying all these solutions is unable to resolve the error code, then you need to contact the Canon printer support or hire a tech expert.

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