Stress, in different forms, has been the arch-enemy of human health. History has revealed the various effects and consequences of stress over time. With years of scientific development and advancements in the world, different forms of stress and methods to counter them have been diagnosed.

According to health professionals and scientists, exercise is one of the most effective counter-measure for stress. It releases endorphins in the body, serves as a meditation, and improves the overall well being of the human body.

One does not have to be a professional athlete or a gym-freak to tackle their stress through exercise. Even basic and simple exercises produce stress-relieving effects.

Kayaking is one of the many fun and simple ways to get away from stress-related problems and train your body to release reparation hormones in the body. Kayaking through beautiful locations like the Sea of Cortez, Amazon River, and Ausable Chasm serves as a moving meditation while the rhythmic movements of Kayaking help the mind to get back its bearings. Kayaking affects human health in the following various methods:


1.   Water Therapy

There can’t be a better place to reflect on your stress than to be in a kayak in the water surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Even though Kayaking is hard work on the legs, but paddling through the water in rivers on your kayak has a profound effect on mental health. This physical activity of making your way through the water while your body synchronizes itself with the movement of the kayak is a good stress relief technique.

2. Get together with family and friends

Sometimes we need social contact to be able to destress. Kayak is one of the best sports to do this, it combines relaxing trips on the water with stress relieving socializing and lets you really calm down after a ong day of work. Be careful though going on a kayak with someone else can also cause more stress if the person is paddling incorrectly and there is not a succinct relationship. One of the ways to counter this is getting a pedal kayak, we have linked to a curated a list here of the best pedal kayaks .

3.   Helps Shredding All Extra Fat

Being overweight is a stressful state, not only for the human body but also for the mind. Kayaking is the best option for people who want to lay off the stress of being overweight because it allows you to work physically while enjoying mesmerizing views of nature. Kayaking helps to burn around 400 calories in an hour which means that an average afternoon Kayaking can help burn around 1500 calories. This rate of burn may be less than other sports such as swimming or cycling, but the silver lining is that this method can be combined with tourism plans and leisure trips, unlike other sports.

4.   Good for Cardiovascular Fitness

To get relief from stress, a person needs to have a healthy heart. Healthy heart not only in terms of emotions but in terms of cardiovascular fitness. Kayaking helps the heart to get both important ingredients of happiness. When Kayaking in an ocean or a river, surrounded by mesmerizing views of nature the human heart experiences a profound sense of relief in its fight against stress. Moreover, Kayaking increases the beats per minute and during this time the heart functions at its full potential involving other organs like the lungs. Kayaking is also good for muscle toning of the upper body and the lower body as it involves constant paddling and balancing through body shifting.

5.   Ends Low Self Esteem

So much of human stress can be attributed to problems arising as a result of low self-esteem. Kayaking makes a person feel independent, in charge, and builds up competitiveness which seeds the development of a better self-image. During family trips and tourism adventures, kayaking is done in groups that help a person to overcome social anxiety and coordination problems in the most fun-filled ways. It also helps to brighten up the mood because Kayaking helps the body to release hormones that put a positive effect on the human mind.

6.   Explore New Places and Spots

Traveling and tourism are important counter-measures of stress. If these measures are put in combination with an adventure like Kayaking, they prove to be highly stress-relieving. You can take on a Kayak and set on an exploratory water tour to explore different regions. These exploratory kayak tours allow you to encounter some of the most beautiful destinations and spots. There are chances that you may find yourself by the shore of a secluded beach or at the point of a beautiful sunset lookout. The sense of exploring new places puts a profound effect on mental stress.

7.   Serenity for the Soul

Kayaking not only improves the mood, but it rejuvenates the soul from stress. Kayaking, apart from pumping positive hormones in the body, tranquilizes the mind and soul through its movements. A rhythmic movement over water surface embellished by the natural beauty all around puts the human mind and body in meditation. Kayaking through natural landscape helps the soul to clear stress toxins from the mind.

8.   Kayaking is Easy and Economical

With a series of different stressful thoughts building up in the mind, the last thing a person would want is the stress of learning and financing. Fortunately, Kayaking is easy and economical as it doesn’t cost much and takes only a day to learn the basics. With only a couple of hundred dollars and kayak guides, you can have the right gear and a quality kayak to start your journey of stress-busting through Kayaking.


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