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As we know, language is the primary source of communication; it helps to share our ideas and emotions with others. There are 1000+ languages in this world, every region has their own spoken language, some of them spoken by millions and others by only a few thousand. But the English language is among the most essential languages all over the world as it helps in communication. Teach Online

English is the official language in 53 countries, so yes it is the primary language for studying any subject all over the world and to learn the English language there are so many sites available who provide Online English language tutor. English is an essential language for students as it widens their mind set, evolves emotional skills, and improves the quality of life by providing job opportunities in foreign countries. It is an international language that most people are using all over the world. Some countries where English is the most widely spoken language; the United Kingdom, Canada, India, United States of America, Australia, Mauritius, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. So just imagine how this language can help in communicating with people living in these countries.

Check out these few reasons, why speaking an English language a vital part of everyone’s life: 

*It is an international language of communication

*It is language of academics, all the syllabus are written in English language

*It is travel-friendly language

*It is helpful for international business and trade

*It gives you an approach to a wealth of written media, online and printed

  • English is an international language: It is an international language because the majority of people speak the English language, almost 20% of the world's population. It is intended to be used by the people to reduce the misunderstanding that is caused by language deviations between the different linguistic background.  
  • Speaking English gives you the world's entertainment access: As we know, English is the language of Hollywood. Many of the world’s films, series, books, magazines, and shows are published and produced in English language. Therefore, by learning the language you will get the access to watch any of these shows to have the great wealth of entertainment and will be able to have a greater cultural understanding.
  • English gives you more access to the internet: as we know, English is  the language of the internet. On average, more than 50% of content online is displayed in the English language. Knowing the English language gives you access to over half of the content available on the internet and understanding of billions of pages of information that will be helpful in career growth. 

Why has the English language become so popular? 

There are multiple factors responsible for its popularity. Firstly, English is a very common language in various cultures. Second, it is the most widely spoken language globally, which makes it the dominant language for the business and trade world, as it allows companies to reach the largest number of potential customers. The third one is, knowing the language is really helpful to getting job opportunities in foreign countries. Fourth, the reason for language popularity is its historical background; Great Britain and the United States have experienced massive economic growth over the past two centuries.

The grandness of learning English language in today’s world:

There are so many options that individuals can benefit from understanding English. The idea of learning a universal language opens up the paths of communication between many communities.

Although yes, learning English from online sources is quite challenging and time-consuming, an online English language tutor makes it more interesting for you.  Finding time for English classes or paying for a tutor are some ways to practice for conversation with an online English tutor and make connections With people around the world, grab international job opportunities. 


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