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Lease IPv4 address can help to solve IPv4 exhaustion at a lower cost compared to buying IPv4 address. Below are the three main reason why people start leasing IPv4 address:
1. IPv4 exhaustion
Lease IPv4 address can help to solve the shortage of IPv4 addresses immediately because it is just like renting a room, you pay it and use it as long as you wish.
2. Buy IP address is expensive
IPv4 price is increasing every year, for those who have insufficient funds, the cheap IPv4 lease price is the best available option.
3. Transition from IPv4 to IPv6
White shifting to use IPv6, IPv4 is playing an important role because you will still need IP address for your device or service to continue serving and IPv4 is the only option.
4. Flexiblliy in costing
Costing is important to the finance department because it is affecting how much budget you spend for your entire business. The cheap IPv4 lease allows the company to get IPv4 address at a lower cost and spend a lot more budget on other business development.


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