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These days many people including youngsters and mature people are fond of axe throwing sport because of its health benefits, enjoyment and fun. Most people join an axe-throwing sport for practice because they want to win leagues and the rest join just to make fun with friends and release daily work stress (just for relaxation of mind). Axe throwing is considered one of the best sports in physical kinds of games like cricket, football, tennis, etc. Axe throwing game gives many benefits to our physical health. It helps in building arm, legs and shoulder muscles and makes the core stronger. It covers our all-back muscles when we throw an axe toward the board. The other benefit of axe throwing is that it helps in swinging our bad mood into a good mood. The reason behind how mood swing is that Axe throwing provides a therapeutic release that can help relieve built-up stress in the body. All the tension from your daily routine can dissolve away as you throw an Axe into the air when hitting a bull’s eye; your body releases endorphins that improve your mood, increase your energy, and speeds up blood flow.

Axe throwing is that kind of sport that we can play with friends and family. We can enjoy ourselves with our happy family and make competition with each other and beat each other in order to win. Everyone can play this game regardless of age. It allows us to make strong bonding between friends or family. There are many rules and regulations of axe throwing sport but the common rule is that if a player touches the marked line with his feet, then he will be directly eliminated for this turn with zero scores for the turn. I want to tell you that the line is marked in front of the board and the distance between and board and the marked lie should be 12 feet approximately. But all studios follow their own rules and regulations but it is an exact measurement of the distance between both board and marked line. Now the question that arises is where players can play professionally? I would like to recommend, Axe Master- The great studio in sugar hills that is offering quality axe throwing services at very affordable prices. Axe Master in Sugar Hills is a highly recommended studio where everyone can play without any interference or hesitation. Here many professionals visit us daily that are ready to assist you when you will have to need them. Many of the professionals are our team members that will teach you skills and techniques that will be useful while playing. To know more about axe throwing or affordable packages kindly visit Axe Master or meet us in sugar hill.


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