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Our usually sedentary lifestyle became even unhealthier during the pandemic with the long hours spent working in the same position on a single chair or even the bed. As we try to settle into the new normal, issues such as neck and back pain have become relatively common. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced food and daily exercise can help combat these issues, one cannot rule out the importance of a good night's sleep, which also depends largely on the mattress you're sleeping on. 

More often than not, an Orthopedic Mattress is the solution to your back troubles. An ortho comfort mattress supports your back and neck to help you maintain a proper posture because it understands the medical conditions like body posture and spinal support. It also soothes different pressure points of the body for e.g upper back, lower back and neck.. Here are some other reasons why you must invest in an orthopedic mattress from Sleepwell: 

Prevents backache: Sleepwell's customisable orthopedic range, including the Cocoon Mattress and Spinetech Air Luxury, helps you eliminate back pain and stiffness from your body. The ortho pro foam mattress is a tech innovation with engineered three zone pocket springs that adapt to the specific pressure points and body curves, offering enhanced pressure relief. So that you receive the best spinal support while sleeping.

Durable: Compared to a regular mattress, orthopedic ones last much longer and have a lifespan of around 7-10 years. The mattress quality does not deteriorate even after frequent use and impact. Sleepwell's Admire Supportech has a medium firm, plush top feel to give you the perfect ortho support.

Minimal Disturbances: The ortho pro profile foam mattress tends to reduce the disturbance that is caused while sharing a bed with someone else. Sleepwell’s pocket spring engineered mattresses promise a zero partner disturbance. This results in a better, undisturbed, and peaceful sleep pattern which is highly recommended to maintain your health.

Keeps you cool: Mattresses can trap your body heat while you sleep, which can be uncomfortable to face, especially during summer. Sleepwell's Spine Plus mattress is an excellent orthopedic option, mainly since it includes superior air circulation, enhanced bounce, and a plush top feel.  The path breaking airvent technology in gel infused impressions foam of Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled mattresses allows heat and humidity dissipation, offering cool cozy sleep.

Hygiene-centric: Quality orthopedic mattresses do not require special care for things like bed mites and dust. All Sleepwell mattresses, bedsets and pillows are integrated with exclusive Neem Fresche Technology – an anti-microbial technology that protects you from allergies, dust mites, and breathing problems. 

Keeps impressions and bumps away: Prolonged use of mattresses can create an uneven surface, especially if you sleep in one specific position. This can be harmful to your posture for long periods and can be a reason for a fitful sleep. An orthopedic mattress, with its firm surface, helps you prevent this issue and gives you an even surface to rest upon even after prolonged use. Sleepwell mattresses use most genuine and authentic foams, that have a higher resilience. This high resilience offers enhanced comfort, ensures mattresses remain anti-sag.

If you suffer from back pain or bad posture or are trying to avoid these health concerns, you should explore the various Sleepwell Orthopedic Mattresses online to find the one that is right for you.


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