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Hi, many people specially in Asian countries like India think that why need a treadmill just run on the road which is more better than any other thing. Recently, I was going through many different websites where discussions where going on this topic. I have some points that I want to share here.

Importance of having a treadmill

There are many best treadmills for home use but people prefer to go to GYM or run on the road or in park. Talking about countries like India, roads are not so well that you can run properly. You will find many pits and there is running track available for you to run on it. So, running on road is very dangerous.

Many people think that they can save money and going to GYM would be less expensive but my dear this is not true. If you have a treadmill at home that all your family members can use to for workout where as every member have to pay for the GYM.

Many times you do not go to GYM due to time but having a treadmill at home means do workout when you want.

So, overall in my opinion having a treadmill would be the better option when compared to other options.


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