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Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms to binge-watch your favorite tv shows and movies. Have you ever wondered why Netflix keeps an update by asking if you’re still watching, then your friends asking about you?

Netflix offers a lot of shows based on different genres and countries. Not only this, but it brings out all the episodes of a show at once for you to binge-watch. It automatically takes you to the next episode when the previous one gets completed. A lot of times when you continuously stream shows or movies on Netflix, it interrupts by flashing a notification which says ‘Are you still watching?’ However, to continue watching, you’ve to tap on the ‘Continue Watching’ option. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to move forward.

The reason behind the appearance of this pop-up is the continuity of the show. Usually, it appears when you’ve watched two episodes without disturbing any controls on the screen. However, if you keep using the controls such as play/pause, the notification won’t appear.

Now, you must be wondering what logic it follows behind this pop-up notification if you’re watching a show continuously? According to Netflix, this pop-up notification appears to make sure that you’re binge-watching, and the show is not playing unnecessarily. It has another advantage that the pop-up notification saves you from wasting your bandwidth data if you sleep while watching a show. Therefore, the show will automatically stop until or unless you skip the notification.

Netflix also has another reason for this interruption. It is to keep you from losing the episodes. For instance, if you sleep while watching a show, the notification will at least pause the show at some point, so you don’t wake up missing a few episodes.

Though the feature is useful in a way, a lot of users want to disable the same due to its annoyance. Luckily, there are two methods you can use to disable the feature.

Disable Autoplay

The simplest method to keep away the pop-up notification is to turn off the Autoplay feature. Disabling the feature won’t play the next episode unless you do the same. Thus, the steps to disable the Autoplay feature from Netflix are:

  1. Open a browser and log in with your account on the Netflix website.
  2. Tap on your ‘Profile’ icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the ‘Manage Profiles’ option.
  4. Select the profile for which you want to disable the Autoplay feature, and you’ll be headed to the settings menu.
  5. Tap on the box for ‘Autoplay next episode in a series for all devices’ to uncheck the same.

Finally, the Autoplay feature will be disabled for your Netflix account on all the devices. It is essential to note that the feature only gets disabled for the selected profile. Thus, if you want to turn off the feature for all the profiles, you’ll have to follow the same steps for other profiles as well.

Disabling the Prompt

If you watch Netflix on the browser using a desktop, you can disable the prompt by using a browser extension that is ‘Never Ending Netflix’ for Chrome. Once you install the extension, go to the options menu and enable the “Don’t prompt ‘Are you still watching?’” setting.

The extension also has additional features like enabling a setting to skip the intro of a show, stop viewing promotional videos, etc. Unfortunately, you can access these features only on your desktop, and none of the other devices like Roku, Smart TV, etc.

Feeling good enough to know about a feature that will keep your shows from interrupting? Though Netflix has a valid reason for such pop-up notifications, you can disable the same if you’re fine with ignoring its advantage.

Source :- https://myblog-search.uk.com/why-netflix-keeps-an-update-by-asking-are-you-still-watching/


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