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Have you put off asking your doctor about erectile dysfunction? In so many cases, the answer tends to be yes. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, isn’t the easiest topic to talk about about. There are plenty of stigmas surrounding the condition, which can give men pause about addressing ED with their partners and healthcare professionals.

If you’ve given pause to addressing your concerns about ED for any reason, there’s good news. Right now may very well be the perfect time to explore ED treatment, like the latest ED medication options. Why now? What makes this moment different from all the rest? Here are three reasons why this is finally your time to talk about ED.

Why Continue Waiting?

If you’ve pushed the pause button on talking about ED, consider why you’re so hesitant. Do you have concerns about the treatment options? Are you wondering if they’ll work? It’s perfectly normal to have questions and concerns, but why continue waiting if you don’t have to? There are a host of ways to address ED on your terms. You can go directly to your doctor or reach out to online healthcare providers.

You can even get ED meds online. That means you never have to leave the comfort of your home to address ED. This way, you can take your time exploring different treatment options to find one that fits your needs and your lifestyle. There are more options for talking about ED and getting treatment than ever before.

Rekindle Your Relationship

It’s not uncommon for ED or ED-related issues to impact a relationship. If you’ve noticed that ED has impacted your relationship with your significant other, now may be the right time to explore ED treatment options. When intimacy becomes impacted, it can have a ripple effect in a relationship. ED medicine has the potential to rekindle that intimacy. However, you may not want to lean on ED treatment options alone.

Another part of addressing the elephant in the room and rekindling intimacy can be communication. If ED has impacted your relationship and the intimacy between you and your partner isn’t quite where you would like it to be, talking about it can be crucial. That can be an important first step even before exploring any ED treatment options.

There Is No Wrong Time

The truth is, there is no “wrong time” to talk about ED or to find a treatment option that works for you. Every time, including right now, is the right time. It comes down to this: The “right time” is the moment you take action. It’s when you break past the stigmas or simply mention something to your doctor.

Millions of men have been where you are, and healthcare professionals all over have helped those men move on from pushing pause on ED treatment to finally pushing play and getting back to living their lives on their terms. If you’ve been looking for a reason or a sign that “now” is the right time to explore ED treatment options, you’ve just found it.

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