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The world of watches is changing. Over the last several years, smartwatches have entered the scene. Many smartwatches are loaded with features, from messaging apps to health trackers and much more. They’re typically made to pair with your smartphone and can have cross-functionality. For some people, these features are useful.

But when it comes to the world of watches, many people have wondered, can smartwatches and timeless analog and digital watches co-exist? Of course, the answer is yes! While smartwatches have some eye-catching features, there are still plenty of reasons why classic watches aren’t going anywhere. Your watch, whether it’s a diver’s watch, silver watch for men, or a chronograph watch, still has its place in your collection. Here’s why old-school watches are here to stay.

Style That’s Hard to Find Anywhere Else

While there are a variety of smartwatches out on the market, the style options can be fairly limited. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell one smartwatch from the next. While some smartwatch makers do offer variety, they don’t come close to the style options you can find with analog or digital watches.

You can find these kinds of watches in styles that speak to your sensibilities. If you’re looking for mens black watches, womens gold watches, or unisex sports watches, you have every angle covered. You can find watches to pair with your favorite outfits, from the casual weekend look to a dressy date night vibe. Chances are, you can find a watch—or even a couple of watches—that match your lifestyle.

Nearly Endless Customization Possibilities

There’s a very good reason why it’s easy to find analog and digital watches that pair well with your lifestyle. There are so many to choose from and nearly endless customization possibilities!

Not only can you find a watch that matches your style sensibilities, but you can easily change it up to match your preferences further. Do you have a blue-dial diver-style watch with a leather band and want to shake things up with a stainless steel bracelet? You can! A great first step might be building a watch collection.

Plus, since classic watches are low-tech, you can customize your life to avoid distractions. When you don’t want to be inundated with messages and emails, it’s best to leave the smartwatch behind. And you don’t have to do away with a watch altogether, having to dig through your back and check your distraction-filled phone every time you want to know the time. An old-school watch is the perfect way to stay on time conveniently on your wrist.

They’re Just So Accessible

One of the reasons people opt for multiple watches is because they’re just so accessible. Many analog and digital watches can be found online and at your favorite retailers. It’s easy to shop for and find high-quality, old-school watches that speak to your style preferences at a great value.

Sure, there are watches and watch brands that come with higher price tags, smartwatches included, but there are many that remain accessible to watch enthusiasts of all kinds. You can get a well-made analog watch for men or women that looks sharp and works with your style without breaking the bank. That’s the wonderful thing about the world of watches: the possibilities are endless.

About Armitron®

Since 1975, Armitron® has been an innovator in American watchmaking. From the very beginning, they made it their mission to always strive for more. They were part of the digital revolution in the 1980s, releasing signature digital watches that captured the imagination of people all over the world. They even helped set the standard for what a digital watch can be. Today, Armitron® keeps the tradition alive with digital and analog watch styles for everyone. From vintage-style digital watches to their sport watch collection, they have options to appeal to a wide range of tastes and sensibilities. Find watches for every outfit and any occasion. Or search for a watch you can rely on every day. With an Armitron® watch on your wrist, you can show off your personality with high-quality style at an unprecedented value.

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