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As we have heard about the React Native Development Company in India, one wants to know about the birth and the need to use React Native app development software. Therefore, the React Native Development Company in Mumbai talks about the need to launch this software and why one should opt for it.


The React Native is an open-source software which was created by Facebook and was developed after an internal hackathon as in to create the native UI elements together using the Javascript language. React Native is mainly the perfect combination for developers who are interested in creating the native UI using the tools of their choice with the help of the Javascript language. Therefore, since then the software has now grown by leaps and bounds and is used across the globe. The React Native Development Company in India, therefore, also stated that several Facebook developers were indeed juggling with the use of various languages with a motive to build applications which essentially had the role of working on the same thing. Therefore, in the year 2015, they came up with a framework mainly for the development of native-style applications for both Android and IOS users however using a singular language with Javascript, and the birth of this framework happened named ‘React Native’. The quote which Facebook uses is, ‘Learn once, write anywhere’, which goes hand-in-hand with the working of React Native fits indeed well. Therefore, let’s move ahead and look at the reasons as to why one should opt for React Native App Development. The following reasons are given below:


●      Supports cross platform app development: A singular platform to develop an application always depends upon the consistency of the user’s experience playing with multiple platforms. Thus, React Native only requires the need of a Javascript developer who has it’s comfort stated with native UI libraries, APIs and hybrid app development. Therefore it remains fluent to switch between the platforms using only one language. However, most of the time, one does not need to learn more than one programming language in detail, as there might be times wherein you might require some time to work with the native developer. But, this also happens if you integrate SDKs mainly for Android/IOS having no React Native SDK with availability with certain specific native features which are not available with React Native.


●      Develops applications faster: Because of the singula code, the chances of finding a bug in a React Native application is highly reduced, which means that a minimum viable product can also be constructed faster than ever, thus one can easily launch the first version of the application with having a bare minimum functionality, as the MVP remains the priority for many, keeping other essentials on hold. Once the user knows the additional features, they can go ahead rather than wasting their time and resources on the development of the detailed interfaces. Thus, if one needs to get their application fast, they can work on and opt for the faster processing rather than waiting for the processor for the application to make them wait. Using a shred layer for IOS and Android this means that React Native application is developed at least by 30% faster.


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