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Are You Committed to Outsourcing Your Substance Abuse Billing?

So, you’re determined to outsource your substance abuse billing. That’s a smart move, since you’ll save time and ultimately money. After all, no one gets into the substance abuse field because they want to wade through the insurance industry bureaucracy. No, you became substance abuse specialists because you want to help people.

Nevertheless, maintaining an in-house billing structure is not only expensive, it also prompts administrative tasks and responsibilities that you simply don’t have time for. It’s never been more critical to work smarter and not harder in the substance abuse provider industry.

Your team of substance abuse professionals have a lot on their plates. By outsourcing your billing services, you can reduce your practice’s overhead costs, increase reimbursements, and decrease claim denials and rejections. This can enable a practice like yours to be more proactive, to focus more on your patients’ receiving the proper quality care, rather than spending hours on constructing and interpreting the billing reports.

However, before making the decision, be sure to know what you’re looking for in the right company. Opt for the wrong billing service and you could wind up with problems on top of already challenging issues. Medical billing on its own can be a complex process. However, substance abuse billing can bring on a whole new level of headaches for centers offering services. It comes with its own array of unique challenges. When you take into account the size and available time of office staff compared to other healthcare specialties, substance abuse practitioners are always at a disadvantage matched up to their colleagues in other fields.

That’s why you’ll want to be sure you partner with a company that provides billing services that can be tailored to your specific needs as a substance abuse provider. A firm that will guide your company through the various processes to lower your denials, improve cash flow and help you meet all your financial goals.

There are a variety of questions to pose to the billing firms you’re taking into consideration. You need to delve into each company’s history, reputation, guiding principles and methods and, more importantly, make certain you completely understand what they can and cannot do. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll reach a more informed decision that will better meet your specific needs.


Continuous industry changes, new payer rules, declining reimbursements, tighter margins; the stakes are high, making oversight and accountability crucial. Stop looking back at the end of the month and wondering what happened to your cash flow.

Medwave provides claims and billing results for the substance abuse segment of the healthcare industry. With billing, every addiction treatment center, rehab and / or other substance abuse facilities have their own exact requirements and expectations. With our billing services, the specific and made-to-order “musts” of each and every substance abuse business can be met. Substance abuse is among the most conventional kinds of addiction. It involves a persistent support in drug rehab and a monitoring of clients to nip relapse in the bud and help them remain steadfast in their recovery.

When you partner with us, you’re given our commitment to quality work for every level of care. Our hands-on methods and customizable options make handling your substance abuse billing less hectic and far more effective. Medwave makes sure you focus on what’s of foremost importance – your clients (and their families) and your time.

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