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Why Panniers are Necessary for Cycling

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Bikes are among the most common means of going around in the world. It is one of those inventions that has been in our lives for a long time and is still popular. Bicycles have evolved into advanced formats like folding bikes and e-bikes. Both are very useful and have their own disadvantages. Another thing that evolved with the bike is panniers. Panniers are bags that are mounted on the sides of the wheels, and carry your luggage on the bicycle.


The question arises, do we need panniers or are we okay with backpacks? The answer is that you don't want to get tired by picking up the weight on your shoulders, but would be willing to reach your destination with fresh energy. Panniers save that energy for you. Furthermore, they are very useful for long rides as the luggage is carried in them, while you enjoy the ride. The usual option for carrying luggage is putting things in a backpack and carrying them while roaming around. But you don’t want to reach your destination with sweat on your back, which appears from the straps. Even on long trips, the backpack will make you tired, unless you put the luggage in the panniers. Not just any panniers, but a high-quality product that will last a long. One such example is Ortlieb bags in Australia. They provide the highest quality material for bags and panniers.


Panniers are divided into two categories. The first are the rear panniers. These are mounted over the back wheel and are able to carry much more weight. The reason is simple, the extra weight on the back doesn’t put pressure on the handling, and the drive can go smoothly without any imbalance. For example, Ortlieb back roller panniers offer a durable and waterproof pair of bags that can bear a larger weight than the front ones. The recommended volume for bags should be between 20 to 25 litres. The second category is front panniers. They should be smaller as compared to the rear panniers. The weight should be less in the front, as heavy luggage can put pressure on handling, and can cause risk when going through difficult paths. A little bit of imbalance can put the rider in danger, so it's recommended to keep the front panniers for small items that don’t have much weight.

Some of the best uses for panniers in daily life are:

  • Daily Commute: A bicycle is one of the easiest ways to go to work or school. And a major part of the day is spent travelling, so people carry their requirements along. Like food, a jacket, raincoat, gloves and such. Panniers can be very handy for taking these things.
  • Fun Trips: Going on adventures or to parks with friends may require you to carry extra stuff along, like torches, food, a rain jacket, a tent and other necessary items. A small repair kit with a pump would come in handy to be brought on such trips. They help in case some emergency occurs or you need to pump air into any tyre.



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