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Sparkling rhinestones are so gorgeous! When we go shopping in department stores or walk on the road, we frequently see different shapes and sizes of rhinestones on shoes, bags, jewelry, and even displays. The rhinestones are multicolored and shiny, and it is hard to ignore them. Rhinestones are non-natural and have the radiant, dazzling effect of diamonds. Thus, when rhinestones can be manufactured in large quantities, people started to use rhinestones as decorations for clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.

As for whether the rhinestone is made of plastic, you need to know the categorization of the rhinestone. They are made of crystals, acrylic or resin stones. Resin rhinestones bulk is made from plastic. Resins are typically transparent all through the stone with a foil backing unless stated they have a transparent backing to them.

Resin rhinestones are ideal stones for beginner artist. The artists love using resin rhinestone for multiple projects. They offer a gorgeous shine but it is not as bright as glass rhinestones. The flat side enables for easy placement when working on projects. Resin stones are also a cheaper alternative to glass stones.

Plastic rhinestones on the market are mostly made of acrylic plastic or resin. These are both plastic rhinestones.

  • As for the brightness, if it is a new product, the resin rhinestone is brighter than acrylic rhinestone, but the resin will become yellower over time, and its brightness will reduce. But, when it comes to style changes and production costs, the resin rhinestone is better. The resin can produce complex cut surface rhinestones that are easy to dye with a wide range of usages. But, the hardness is low and the surface is easily scratched, and the resin rhinestone can stand the test of time and will turn yellow after a long time. If it is dyed, it can fade.
  • Due to the difference of material characteristics, the way that they are made during manufacturing is also different. The resin is a silicone mold, and uses drop-in resin for molding.

  • Therefore, in regards to the stability of the product, acrylic gemstones are better. In addition to how easily resin turns yellow, the mold is easily deformed after a long time from production, and the product size is not easy to control. Thus, it is not suitable for stock up, which is more difficult for wholesalers to operate with.

Plastic rhinestones are an affordable alternative to glass. It is ideal for decorating accessories, clothing, shoes or bags with a wide range of uses. There are also plenty of rhinestone options for different applications. If you decide to try and pour resin over the rhinestones then you have to be very careful because the thing that they are made off of is very fragile. They can break easily if you are not careful when doing this process.

To decorate a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc., people make artificial diamonds like sew on rhinestones, flat back crystals or point back stones and gave the accessories a shiny, high-quality appearance.

Thus, people can also say that these rhinestones are alternates for diamonds, and the difference is the extent to which they have replaced diamonds. Some have 80% of diamond’s characteristics such as hardness, reflection, and cut while others only have similar appearance and texture.

Working with resin jewelry is a perfect way to grow your hobby or entrepreneurial craft endeavors. This material lends itself well to jewelry making because it is affordable and amazingly versatile. You can create an endless amount of colors and shapes using resin. Moreover, you don’t need a ton of expensive or fancy tools to get started learning how to do resin jewelry. Grab your resin rhinestones wholesale, molds and other supplies and then adorn your pieces with cool found objects for a unique finish!





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