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What is the ideal length for my beard hair?

In principle, you can apply beard oil to any length of stubble, or even use it as a serum on a freshly shaved face (though we'd recommend using a professional skin serum if you're going to do that).

Scientists claim that women prefer men with beards.

However, for maximum effect and minimal greasiness, apply it once your beard has begun to thicken enough to cover the skin beneath it—around the centimeter mark. Your beard will be thick enough at this length that if left unmanaged, it would appear unkempt. It'll work in your favor, too: researchers from the University of Queensland interviewed 919 women and discovered a link between fertility and facial hair.

When and how should you use it?

How often you apply beard oil, like any grooming product, is entirely up to you. Some oils are quickly absorbed and washed away, making them suitable for daily use. Some will last a little longer, making them ideal for those who don't have time to wash their beard on a daily basis.

Are You Sure Your Beard Is Clean? Consider it again.

When you do use it, we recommend washing it with a beard shampoo — like Bulldog's 2-in-1 beard shampoo and conditioner — that's made for coarse hair rather than regular shampoo. Depending on how thick your beard is, towel it or blow it dry it, then apply the beard oil according to the bottle's directions. To finish, comb it through or work it in with your fingers, then smooth the beard down.

Is Coconut Oil a Good Substitute?

Coconut oil is a multi-tasker that can be used for teeth whitening, shouting at and dumping into a frying pan à la Joe Wicks, and now as a grooming treatment. Massaging a little amount in your hands until it melts before working it through your beard, use it judiciously. It will nourish and condition the beard while being less oily than most oils due to its lauric acid content. However, you might smell like a Bounty chocolate bar.

How do we conduct tests?

We recruited 300 guys with beards ranging from stubble to lengthy beards to test 24 different kinds of beard oil to see which ones were the best at smoothing and softening facial hair and making beards easier to style, brush, and tame. They also mentioned the softness and moisture of their skin, as well as any evident itching reduction.

We used a Dia-stron equipment in the Men's Health Lab to measure the smoothness of hair before and after application. The higher the beard oil scored, the easier the switches were to comb.

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