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Selenium is an automation tool which can automate testing to find errors in the web applications before they cause any disasters. Today people all over the world use the applications for every purpose and its popularity is increasing day by day. What would have happened if there was no automation testing tool like selenium? Yes! Manual testing was there and is also just ‘still there’ but they are not up to the level of automation testing tools such as selenium.

Selenium is a software testing platform which is meant for web applications. Now there are many engineers and software developers who are using selenium testing tool for testing the web applications. With the selenium tool, they test the functionality and the graphical user interface of the websites. This is done using the automation script that instructs the browser to perform actions. Therefore selenium offers a very efficient way of generating test scripts in an automated framework.

Advantages of selenium

Most of the engineers do selenium certification online. They enjoy the benefits of doing the selenium course. There are many other automation tools that deliver similar results to selenium. Here are a few advantages that you have to know about selenium.

  • The Selenium tool is easy to learn. It is easy to get started with the selenium tool. By learning this you can perform simple functional testing of web applications.

  • Selenium is an open-source tool, which means the source code can be freely downloaded and modified and this is supported by a large community of developers

  • In different browsers, the selenium tests can be run.

  • This tool can support multiple operating systems including Mac OS, windows and others

  • It has its own scripting language and you can use any programming language that you are comfortable with

  • This is seven supported on mobiles and can also be used for both iPhone and Android-based application testing

  • There is minimal CPU or Ram consumption when executing scripts while testing

  • Selenium is easily integrated with the other open-source tools for the additional functionality

  • Selenium can execute tests in parallel

  • Even when the browser is minimised selenium can execute tests

  • Selenium is highly extensive

  • Selenium is fully flexible. Also, there are several ways you can add functionality to both selenium framework and selenium test scripts to customize your test automation.

Where and when is selenium used?

So many software and mobile apps are regularly launched and are upgraded. Here the software developers are responsible for developing the software quickly without compromising in quality. You all live in an era of the highly responsive and interactive software process. The global enterprise is facing challenges continuously to improve the performance and quickly resolve the critical issues. To resolve all these problems agile methodologies in software development is brought in.

When you hear about agile development, the cornerstone is the test automation. Here selenium is the preferred automation testing tool. This is because it can be used to perform repetitive functional testing and running software applications against business requirements.

By using selenium the companies reduce their need for manual testing and this will reduce the cost and save time as well. It doesn’t stop there, it also ensures that the tests are performed consistently and ensures quicker feedback. Some of the instances of selenium testing are given below.

  • GUI testing

  • Core functional testing

  • Cross-browser testing

  • E2E testing

  • Sanity testing

  • Business process testing

  • Regression testing

  • DB testing

  • Usability testing

Even the quality assurance professionals use selenium with which they can perform the regression tests or cross-browser testing on the entire platform. The developers also use the selenium for the browser regression testing and this is also used by the business analysts and functional testers use selenium.

Why you should be certified in selenium

Till now you would have seen how it is widely used and how many uses it has. With all this, you can probably see that a career involving selenium skills is a wise choice. If you are a manual tester already, you can do selenium certification training which comes under the automated testing. If you are not a tester and want to become one you can definitely start learning selenium by doing a certification course.

Selenium has taken the testing world by storm and this creates a strong demand for the qualified professionals who have undergone selenium certification. When it comes to the job postings, the selenium is listed as a job requirement when compared to that of the other similar automation tools. Also, the professionals who have made selenium testing a lucrative skill get paid well. This is because the people who are qualified to fill the job position are short in supply.

If you want to get into these jobs, you should require some related skills and training. You should have some amount of coding knowledge, skills and experience. The best way through which you can learn all these skills is through proper training and certification. There are many online websites that conduct the selenium courses which are taught by experienced professionals. No matter if you are working or studying, you can just spend some time learning these courses and learn them online. When you are done with the course you will get the selenium certification.

By getting selenium certification you can start a good new career or take your existing career to the next level.

Factors to consider

If you want to do the selenium course online you have to choose the best course provider online. In order to choose the best selenium course provider, there are certain factors that you have to look for. Some of the main factors that you have to concentrate on are mentioned below.

  • Access to resources

  • Check what they provide in selenium course

  • Convenient timings

  • Interaction and engagement of the speaker

  • Analyze your competition

The bottom lines

Selenium is a diverse course from which you can reshape your career. This is a testing tool that has been widely used in enterprises across the globe. There is a huge demand for selenium certified professionals. You can do a selenium certification course if you want to start a career in the IT field.


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